artificial quartz stone curing furnace

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what is artificial quartz stone curing furnace?

Artificial quartz stone curing furnace is the production equipment of curing and drying the resin in the pressed slabs in the artificial quartzite production line, which is the typical equipment for high temperature curing.

artificial quartz stone curing furnace

Artificial quartz stone curing furnace is divided into resin curing furnace and metal curing furnace, and the resin curing furnace is usually used in the artificial quartz stone production line.

Artificial quartz stone resin curing furnace is man-made stone curing furnace solid solution treatment, if use the workpiece into the heated to high temperature, constant temperature processing and curing process, known as artificial curing processing, if the artifact placed under natural conditions at room temperature or long time deposit occurring in the course of curing phenomenon, called natural curing processing. The purpose of solidification treatment is to enhance the stress of material binding.

Artificial quartz stone curing furnace eliminates the disadvantages of deep excavation, unstable operation, high energy consumption and easy pollution of the plate. Adopt huigu machinery patent technology, use light load lifting platform technology, ensure operation safety. The heating system USES the heating plate, which can effectively control the heating temperature of the plate surface, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the curing is not deformed, so as to reduce the required sound of the traditional curing.

artificial quartz stone curing oven

artificial quartz stone curing oven

artificial quartz stone curing furnace supplier

Artificial quartz stone curing furnace supplier for utand is professional artificial stone equipment suppliers in China, has rich experience in production line installation and debugging equipment, of Artificial stone curing furnace has a lot of their own improvement, ensure the production more efficient, reduce waste and cost of investment.

Utand quartz stone curing oven of introduced is usually divided into vertical curing oven and horizontal curing oven. Vertical curing furnace is an intermittent curing oven, which occupies a small area and is suitable for factories with poor layout. Horizontal curing furnace is continuous production of curing furnace, covering a large area. Both kinds of stoves can be roasting, or they can be roasted with hot air.

Vertical artificial quartz stone curing furnace is characterized by flexible production, fast heating and even, small footprint. Disadvantages: small production, more operation steps, energy consumption, etc. advantages artificial quartz stone horizontal curing furnace are: large yield, simple operation, uniform temperature, low energy consumption, etc. The disadvantage is: the area is large, the equipment manufacturing cost is higher.


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