quartz stone curing oven of introduced

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quartz stone curing oven of introduced

quartz stone curing furnace mainly include metal solidification furnace and resin curing furnace, curing oven is suitable for heating parts, resin curing and drying technology, is the important tool of artificial quartz processing, utand stone machinery summarize the characteristics and operating techniques of the principle of two kinds of curing furnace for all to share, hope to be able to help our customers:

artificial quartz stone curing oven

artificial quartz stone curing oven

metal solidification furnace of introduced

Metal solidification furnace is a kind of metal solid fusion processing, refers to the aluminum machining parts after solid solution treatment, cold plastic deformation or casting, forging, or constant temperature performance are placed in high temperature, shape, size change with time of heat treatment process. Aluminum alloy, the alloy after quenching hardness is not high, but placed after a period of time at room temperature, the hardness will increase significantly, this phenomenon became known as precipitation hardening. This finding, attracted great interest in engineering. People subsequently found some aging treatment may be used for reinforcement of aluminum alloy, copper alloy and iron base alloy, started with a general steel quenching improved there are essential differences between the new improved way - aging reinforcement.

resin curing furnace of introduced

The resin curing furnace is resin curing solid solution treatment, if use the workpiece into the heated to high temperature, constant temperature processing and curing process, known as artificial curing processing, if the artifact placed under natural conditions at room temperature or long time deposit occurring in the course of curing phenomenon, called natural curing processing. The purpose of curing processing, enhance the ability to combine material.In the artificial quartz production line, we commonly used is resin curing furnace, greatly improve the bonding strength of artificial quartz plate.

Utand curing furnace is patent technology, the use of light load lifting platform technology, ensure the safety of the operation. The system to eliminate traditional curing furnace integral lifting of digging deep pit sheet, operation instability, high energy consumption and easy pollution and so on. Effective control panel heating system using the heating plate, heating temperature, high heat transfer efficiency, and curing without distortion, reduce the traditional curing the sound.

The above is our staff of utand stone machinery the features and functions of two kinds of curing oven, etc, hope to be able to help customers better understand curing furnace, more quartz equipment related question, welcome to consult our online customer service personnel, we will wholeheartedly for your service.


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