artificial quartz cutter

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artificial quartz cutter introduce

Artificial quartz cutter also known as synthetic quartz slab cutter, it is a professional mechanical equipment used for cutting stone and stone sheet, Artificial quartz cutter mainly composed of cutting tool group, stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame.

artificial quartz cutter

Artificial quartz cutter The installation process is to place two tracks parallel to the ground, the width of which is wide with the cutting frame walking wheel and so on, put on the rack, and the front and rear movement is perfectly consistent with the track and can move freely.

artificial quartz cutter is put on the cutter frame, to fully on a host of four wheels and the frame of channel steel, and the movement direction of the host put away after crossing with the movement direction of the frame into 90 degrees and their movement.

The installation power system of artificial quartz cutter is to connect the motor through the motor foot frame to the main engine, and the motor axis is vertically intersected with the direction of the host. The final installation of artificial quartz cutter is to install the belt, saw blade and cover, and the final screenshot of the cooling water pipe can be completed.

quartz cutting machine

quartz cutting machine

artificial quartz cutter of utand

artificial quartz cutter of utand not only can smooth cutting, and improve the efficacy of more than 5 times, knife wheel life extension 2 ~ 4 times, cutting edge tidy, low cost, no noise, light, easy to use and carry, and welcomed by the masses of the eagerness.

Artificial quartz cutter of utand respectively to different depth of cutting processing of stone, can undertake processing to stone under less than 1 m3, can turn, greatly save stone resources, also conducive to protect the environment.

utand artificial quartz stone cutter machine But to mechanical cutting processing of various types of stone, high processing efficiency, combined with the effective use of small stones, the production cost is low.

utand artificial quartz cutter using numerical control automation system, greatly improve the technical level of cutting machine, the machine performance, and so on overall level have made gratifying progress, gradually catch up with the international advanced level, meet the needs of users, to further improve the market competitiveness.

artificial quartz CNC cutter plasma cutting products have formed their own unique characteristics in many aspects, realizing "automation, multi-function and high reliability".

Stone Cutting equipment

Stone Cutting equipment


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