stone polishing machine price in china

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stone polishing machine introduce

Stone polishing machine is a kind of Stone material processing technology and equipment, according to the number of polishing head can be divided into single head polishing machine, double-headed polishing machine, 6, 12, 18, 24 head polishing machine, according to the needs of actual production line, can choose different devices.

stone polishing machine price in china

Stone polishing machine has called on the surface of the whitening technology. There are many influence factors in stone polishing, technological conditions and parameters in both the polishing process, there are also the polishes and auxiliary materials and the kinds of pads , also related to stone mineral composition and its quality.

stone polishing machine polishing process has two Physics and chemistry, namely "dry wet polishing and polishing, polishing millstone as stone products occurs between" do wet "physical chemistry, dry polishing is made evaporation in stone material surface temperature, which resulted in increased concentrations of polished stone, so as to strengthen effect, gloss began to reach the ideal requirements, gloss over 85 degrees or higher.

Polishing millstone on processed products polishing, after being stone polishing machine polished products hot, board face with water water, cooling effect, do not allow the continuous water or a large amount of water, otherwise, the lubrication of water will make polishing cannot achieve the ideal effect, also can't all use dry polishing, high temperature will burn out the pan, and will make the crack of the plate.

In general, the products after fine grinding, gloss over 40 ~ 50 or so, and some of the stone not meet the above glossiness after fine grinding, such as shanxi black, black gold sand, JiNing black, such products after fine grinding gloss only between 20 ~ 30 degrees, in front of the particle grinding principle explanation is not enough, this kind of product in polishing "do wet", the rise of temperature, cooling, stone polishing machine strengthening and polishing process, physical and chemical reaction, the product after dry wet polishing, polishing, glossiness gradually increase, gloss over 85 degrees

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing machine price in china

stone polishing machine price in china is diferent of the technology and the region, the influence of such factors as equipment prices can not unified, different production common chooses materials is different, different materials prices have very big difference, therefore, the equipment price is different also, so to buy Chinese polishing machine equipment we need to consider what factors, below utand stone machinery analysis for you.

  • 1. Technical influence price
  • The higher the technical requirements of the plate polishing machine, the higher the automation of the equipment, the higher the price of the equipment.

  • 2. Quality affects price
  • The cost of the equipment is high, so the price of the equipment will also rise.

  • 3. The model affects the price
  • Polishing head is not the same as the number, production capacity is also completely different, the price of the equipment nature also has the very big difference, the equipment model is one of the main factors influencing the price, therefore, the user must understand their needs before buying equipment polishing machine equipment models.

    Stone Polishing Machine

    Stone Polishing Machine

    Utand stone machinery is one of the large stone polishing machine manufacturer in China, there are standardized large-scale production workshop, have maore stone polishing machine equipment models , stable performance, high efficiency advantages, stone polishing machine price in China is the most reasonable , can for the user to create greater profit space, welcome the masses of users to choose and buy.


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