artificial quartz stone slab production line

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artificial quartz stone slab production line

In recent years, artificial quartz stone slab production line to spark the rapid rise of the original situation, favored by the stone consumer market, occupied a lot of home furnishings and tooling applications, led to the world, Gaoshi and many other old stone enterprises have set foot, and even the future development of the enterprise focus to artificial stone.

artificial quartz stone slab production line

Based on the huge market space and economic potential of quartz stone, many stone enterprises have put artificial quartz stone slab production line and export into the development priorities since this year.

In this year's Xiamen Stone Exhibition, after investigation and understanding, found that this year's artificial stone exhibition enterprises than in previous years, more than double the number of nearly 100. The total type of products is quartz quartzite. Universal, Gaoshi, Pengxiang and other old stone companies in this year's Xiamen exhibition, all of the same will focus on their new development of quartz stone products on display. According to the distribution of the exhibitors, the quartz stone enterprises have blossomed all over the country this year.

Among them, Xiamen Tong'an, Nan'an Shuitou, Foshan, Guangxi Hezhou, Henan Xinyang and some counties and cities in Shandong Province are relatively concentrated. Many strange faces have joined the ranks of quartz stone enterprises, and they attach great importance to themselves. Brand building, the direction of product management includes not only from foreign orders of finished products, but also thickness of 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 (CM) board and semi-finished specifications, the most noteworthy is that some enterprises, such as Samaritan quartz stone, have gradually targeted the direction of the domestic market this "door" cake.

This is a new situation of quartz stone industry development, not only to provide more possibilities for the adjustment of product structure, but also further promote the integration and extension of the industrial chain.

The emergence of this new situation is the choice of the consumer market, the presentation of changes in the supply and demand relationship, and the inevitable result of the development of the industry. The reason for the explosion of artificial quartzite industry is concentrated on the following aspects.

Late success is the most appropriate overview of China's quartzite industry. At the present stage, the industry scale, the number of employees, the output value and the technical level of the domestic quartz stone industry have reached the world leading level, and its R&D, promotion and popularization confirm that the development of domestic artificial quartz stone slab production line has entered a new stage.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

Quartz stone with wear resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, durability and other properties, its plasticity, and wide range of uses, is a benchmark in the history of the development of man-made building materials, but also gradually become a new favorite in the home decoration market, very popular with consumers. At present, environmental protection is popular, quartz stone has environmental protection characteristics, in line with the national sustainable development strategy, but also make it a necessity to sell.

Standardization of production is the advantage of man-made stone over natural stone, while hard texture and hard deformation are the unique advantages of quartz over other stone products. There are two ways to quartzite: one is die casting, the other is casting. Cast quartz stone is a direct casting molding, resulting in a porosity in the middle of the plate and easy to make the plate permeable, resin too much plate easy to crack; die-cast quartz stone is to pass through the press die-casting molding, making the plate tighter and more compact, will not penetrate.

artificial quartz stone slab production line

Because of the different sizes of presses, the quartz stones on the market are uneven. Compressors made by small factories are relatively small, with a general pressure of 20 tons. Compressors made by large factories such as Pengxiang Industries are all over 60 tons and about 90 tons (plate specifications 3050 * 1450 * 15mm). A square force of 20 tons on such sheets can reach over 80 hardness of buses and 7 hardness of Mohs (which can be tested by professional departments). When knocking on the platform, the sound will be heard. Crisp, table quality, relatively reliable.

The core product of quartz stone is table slab. Standardization of production makes it have incomparable advantages over natural stone. The continuous improvement and upgrading of production technology makes it have the texture and luster of natural stone. Many series of quartz stone appeared on the market, such as: ordinary, two-color, three-color (so-called multi-color), platinum, gold sand, zircon series, in color and style greatly enriched the product line of quartz stone, for the popularization of quartz stone has made great contributions.

In 2017, the stone industry, if you want to comment on two hot words, it must be: "stone Internet" and "stone capitalization," but for the stone industry, these two paths are going really hard! Because of its unique grain and aesthetic feeling, natural stone has become more and more popular in recent years, especially for high-end projects and high-end residential customers. However, due to its non-standard characteristics, and natural resources constraints, it is unable to achieve industrial intelligent production. In addition, China's securities laws and regulations on the threshold of the resource-based industries listed on the audit standard is quite high, making the traditional marble granite as the main business of stone enterprises, has been difficult to be accepted by the capital market.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

This is why, over the years, few stone traditional enterprises can step on the capital market, a few listed stone enterprises that stand out from the heavy encirclement, mostly "fate is shabby", and precisely the man-made stone industry as a combination of standardization and branding industry, cater to and capital market "only look at increment, do not look at stock" characteristics. It is understood that some of the old stone enterprises in the industry have been struggling for decades, but the output value has been unable to break through the bottleneck, has secretly involved in the artificial stone industry strategy, as an important layout of the road to capitalization in the future. Obviously, it is not only a little bit higher than the traditional stone enterprise's success in seizing the beach capital market to inject the artificial stone industry which can standardize the mass production as the listed core assets.


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