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cnc stone polishing machine suppliers

2018-03-19 13:39:56  By:Utand Stone Machinery (442)

what is cnc stone polishing machine

cnc stone polishing machine is the most important stone material polishing machine in stone polishing plant , utand is the most important cnc stone polishing machine suppliers, which has higher work efficiency and more accurate polishing brightness.

cnc stone polishing machine suppliers

With the rapid development of science and technology, cnc stone polishing machine product structure more reasonable, increasingly improve its performance, precision and efficiency, upgrade is frequent, type of production by a large number of mass production to more varieties of small batch production. Therefore, the processing of cnc stone polishing machine products has been proposed with high precision, high flexibility and high automation.

Because of cnc stone polishing machine tool integrated application of the electronic computer, automatic control, servo drive, precision testing and new type of mechanical structure and technological achievements, has the characteristics of high flexibility, high precision and high automation.

Therefore,cnc stone polishing machine is difficult to solve the single and small batch, especially the complex surface parts, which are difficult to solve and can not be solved in the machining process by nc machining. Application of nc machining technology is a technology revolution of mechanical manufacturing, make the development of mechanical manufacturing industry has entered a new stage, improve the level of cnc stone polishing machine of machinery manufacturing, for the society provides the high quality, many varieties, and high reliability of mechanical products.

cnc stone polishing machine

cnc stone polishing machine

At present, the application of nc machining technology of field from at the beginning of aviation industry gradually extended to the automobile, shipbuilding, machine tools, construction and other civil machinery manufacturing industry, cnc stone polishing machine suppliers has made great economic benefits.

cnc stone polishing machine suppliers

cnc stone polishing machine suppliers of utand adopt numerical control, touch screen configuration, for automatic and manual machine, according to different size of stone material, the thickness of the size of the grinding all kinds of flat stone round edge, the size of the bevel edge, the French side, the duck mouth.

cnc stone polishing machine supplier such as various special-shaped, coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing once completed, processing after polishing clear stereoscopic effect, after polishing grinding wheel wear consumption, grinding wheel can be automatic compensation in the process of running, without manual regulation.

our cnc stone polishing machine supplier advanced and reasonable structure, high precision, quick efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance, maximum processing speed 5 m/min, machine normal use of the equivalent of 15 artificial stone processing workload, and put an end to appear when the workers processing process defects.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine


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