engineered quartz stone production machine

2016-12-12 15:33:07  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1745)

Engineered quartz stone production machine:

Engineered quartz stone production machine mainly includes mixer, material prepare machine, forming machine, curing equipment, polishing equipment, cutting equipment. Now we will focus on the following equipment:

The molding machine: Including host, vacuum pump, the hydraulic system, the revolving cars and forming of the template. Work will be uniform mixing of raw materials are forming on the template, and through the revolving cars and push the template below the central institution into to the main, pass box, vacuum, pressure molding.

The curing device: let the resin chemical reactions, such as curing. The equipment with rock wool insulation layer, have two doors, one front and one back doors, with heating rods placed in the lining, and covered by multilayer slippery course, place the baking plate sliding roller, can be heated. The main motor adopts button control, simple operation.

The polishing equipment: The equipment controlled by trapezoidal screw and encoder. Combined with the digital display which shows feed quantity, guarantee the accuracy of the feed more accurately. The equipment can be adjusted according to the production. Through the tool of the quartz surface processing, make the engineered quartz stone material surface smooth, uniform finish.

engineered quartz stone production machine

engineered quartz stone production machine

Cutting equipment: cut machine is the special quartz plate processing equipment. Through cutting, can remove the irregular edge of engineered quartz stones, make the sheet around the flat, easy to use directly.

Engineered quartz stone production process:

Engineered quartz stone production process mainly includes: ingredients, mixing, molding, curing, cutting, polishing, and anti-fouling. Different production process corresponding to different devices, each device between each other, can form a complete production line, reduce the production cost.

Engineered quartz stone production machine outlook:

Engineered quartz stone is the first selection of ambry mesa material at present, used for indoor Spaces. With the growing of market demand, the enlargement of demand and the increasing of demand types, it will push the improvement and development of engineered quartz stone machine.


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