artificial stone manufacturing equipment

2017-04-24 08:18:37  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1720)

artificial stone manufacturing equipment of utand machinery

artificial stone manufacturing equipment is dedicated to manufacture artificial stone of machine, now often say that the equipment is mainly refers to the equipment for producing artificial quartz stone

artificial stone manufacturing equipment

artificial stone manufacturing equipment of utand machinery with vacuum vacuum station, lift head and hydraulic station of a vacuum cup, vibrator, steel welding, the base platform, etc.

Pressurized cylinder in the vacuum state to press the head to the raw material, the pressure on the head of the vibrator drive head with high-frequency vibration, pressurized cylinder regularly at the same time, the stability of the constant pressure, and density of the slab is obtained. Every time suppress: 1 piece

artificial stone manufacturing equipment

artificial stone manufacturing equipment improved the overall structure, equipment vibration system certainly out of the main structure, and adopts advanced patent technology, press the two-way vibration pressure at the same time. Improves the degree of automation control system, make the operation simple and intuitive; Join the isolator, press of the noise produced in the process of production to reduce more than double, to reduce the noise pollution; Updated the seal structure, eliminates the use of sealing rubber sheet number and rubber seal of wear parts, damage reduced almost to zero.

artificial stone manufacturing equipment of utand machinery four big excellence:

artificial stone manufacturing process machine

artificial quartz stone making machine

  • 1, the density of products, reduce resin content, porosity is close to zero;
  • 2, products smoothness, and reduces loss; Through the use of leveling, and lower the wastage of the trimming margin, cost is relatively lower;
  • 3, the equipment to the overall structure is different from before, equipment and spare parts service life is longer;
  • 4 it is more convenient, repair and replacement parts, compared with the vibration under pressure machine, maintenance time by shortened to a few days before a few hours now.
  • In terms of utand quality, after years of artificial stone production line equipment research and development, production, post practice each process experience, selection of domestic and foreign advanced machine equipment, ensure the artificial stone production line operation.


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