stone calibration machine operation procedures

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what is stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine is the plate with the thickness of the special equipment for processing to the prescribed standards, such as stone thicknessing machine thicknessing;Requirements for high quality requirements or the thickness of high stone material needs to be done on thick, thicknessing and it doesn't matter, the kinds of stone is only related to customer quality requirements, whether in granite, marble, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone, as long as the thickness of the rough machining dimension can not meet the customer's need, Stone calibration machine need to be thick.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

stone calibration machine operation

In the use of stone calibration machine need to observe operating instructions and below small make up to make a brief introduction:

  • 1, close the stone calibration machine external power supply.
  • 2, adjust the belt clamp plate width According to the size of raw material by hand twist the handle to adjust conveyor belt clamp, generally 10-15 ㎜ than raw material size.
  • 3, adjust the knife plate height Thicknessing machine a total of three knives, each knife plate runs for 1 ㎜, once upon a time, after the knife dish from high to low.>
  • 4, commissioning start the knife dish of raw materials to processing, and then according to the actual situation to adjust the knife dish processing capacity.
  • the matters needing attention of stone calibration machine

  • 1, avoid large processing capacity, work.
  • 2, the transmission speed to fit.
  • 3, are not allowed to appear processing capacity is small, and the knife dish all start phenomenon.
  • 4, try to avoid breakage and collapse edge Angle.
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