solid surface manufacturing plant process

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solid surface manufacturing plant process introduce

solid surface manufacturing plant process have been growing in recent years,it is determined by the market demand for solid surface stone. As the price of artificial stone falls, consumer recognition of its durability, restorability, fascinating appearance and minimal care needs has made solid surface manufacturing plant process thrive.

solid surface manufacturing plant process

solid surface manufacturing plant process are many, the strength of solid surface manufacturing plant is uneven. So when choosing a solid surface manufacturing plant process, customers should know more about the strength of the manufacturer.

solid surface manufacturing plant are widely distributed in the South and North. When buying solid surface stone, customers can go to factory to make a decision.

solid surface manufacturing plant faced with increasing raw material prices and labor costs, solid surface manufacturing plant have been exploring the path of brand in order to change the shackles of extensive industry. Among them, there are listed companies dedicated to the construction of enterprise brand and the development of stone industry, and there are also other ways to develop terminal brand products.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

This kind of enthusiasm is also influencing the development direction of the whole stone industry, and there are some outstanding enterprises, playing the role of the industry helmsman, which is also the "most influential enterprise".

solid surface manufacturing plant process develop energy-saving and environmental protection cycle mode, innovative products, brand development, march into the capital market... Their efforts have made the stone industry, which is already slightly weary, once again shine. Their power affects the whole industry.

Utand stone machinery is a professional manufacturer of solid surface slab production line, we can provide equipment, installation, after-sales service for solid surface manufacturing plant. A good solid surface manufacturing plant must have a good set of equipment to produce a good solid surface stone. We are willing to cooperate with more solid surface manufacturing plant to expand the market.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

solid surface manufacturing plant process development

According to the survey, China's solid surface stone market is expected to reach 26.7 billion yuan ($3.39 billion) in 2010, with the completion of new houses and the renovation of kitchens and bathrooms stimulating demand for materials. Kitchen expansion and more new bathroom construction will further stimulate market development. So more solid surface manufacturing plant process see business opportunities and join in.

The study points out that the hottest material in the Chinese market is a little unexpected. It is a solid surface. In 2000, China's solid surface materials accounted for only 3% of the newly installed household countertops, and by 2010, the demand for solid surfaces accounted for nearly half of the market share.

Natural stone, the second largest market in 2010, will grow at a rate of less than 2% a year, and rolling materials will grow at a rate of less than 3% a year. The demand for ceramic tiles is flat, which is 14 million square meters. The market share of all these materials will be occupied by more popular solid surfaces and engineering stone materials.

The study points out that the engineering stone introduced into the Chinese market in 2002 will also develop, though not very fast. The rapid decline in the price of quartz makes it a good choice.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery

In China, most of the countertops are installed in new residential areas, which accounted for more than 70% of the market share in 2005. However, the demand for housing renovation in China will continue to grow rapidly, at a rate of more than 10% per year.


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