stone calibration machine for sale

2017-10-13 08:04:11  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1621)

stone calibration machine introduce

stone calibration machine is the special equipment of the stone plank to the standard specification thickness. is necessary to make the thickness of the stone material with high quality requirement or high requirement of thickness, which is the special equipment for improving the thickness of stone.

stone calibration machine for sale

Thicknessing and it doesn't matter the kinds of stone is only related to customer quality requirements, whether in granite, marble, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone, as long as the thickness of the rough machining dimension can not meet the customer's need, need to be thick, the artificial quartz stone calibration machine is now in the market the most widely used heavy equipment.

The high efficiencystone calibration machine is used for the leveling of the board, which can be used for grinding and leveling the plate, conveying belt conveyor, and high automation efficiency. It is used to make rough grinding and fine grinding of stone slab, and the stone plate is carried by conveyor belt, and the two processing technology is completed in one time.

Efficient stone calibration machine also can be used as quartz production special thicknessing machine, it is on the basis of traditional stone material processing equipment according to the characteristics of quartz, improved, and the uniform thickness of quartz products after processing, good flatness, high brightness.

stone calibration machine for sale

Utand is a professional auto stone calibration machine for sale enterprise, According to many years of experience in stone material production, integrated the essence of similar products at home and abroad and the design and manufacturing, with advanced technology, high automation, wide scope of application, processing specifications is large, the advantages of energy saving, marketing the country stone calibration machine for sale choose utand.

Utand stone calibration machine processing factory has strong technical force, advanced equipment technology, reliable product quality and perfect management service. stone calibration machine manufacturers is the backbone enterprise of China stone machinery industry. Our years of artificial stone stone machinery production experience, innovation and production of more high-quality stone calibration machine for sale, wholeheartedly for the new and old customer service at home and abroad.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine


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