solid surface quartz production line

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solid surface quartz production line constitute

solid surface quartz production line is the mechanical equipment for producing solid surface quartz slab.

The solid surface quartz production line constitutes of eight parts: raw material storage and batching system, mixing system, mixing system, distribution system, pressing system, curing system, cooling system, polishing system.

solid surface quartz production line

solid surface quartz production line raw material system is mainly composed of silo, tank, conveyor belt and weighing device. The bunker and storage tank system stores the raw materials needed for the production of a shift to ensure continuity of production. The conveyor belt machine adopts non-polluting materials, which avoids the pollution of raw materials caused by the friction between belt and raw materials.

The weighing device adopts high precision system weighing to ensure that the proportion of the formula fluctuates within the permitted range.

solid surface quartz production line stirring system is mainly composed of 1500 and 500 mixers. This machine has been used by foreign first-class quartz stone enterprises until now. It is the best mixer in the quartz stone industry. It has the characteristics of high mixing precision, less surplus material, easy cleaning, no dust flying, no blind area in mixing and less space.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

solid surface quartz production line mixing system, through the mixing system, solid surface quartz production line can produce a variety of colored plate, mixing plate color is clear, do not go off, do not tail, the equipment can be combined according to the willingness of the mixer action, help the technician to deploy a variety of high-quality pattern plate.

solid surface quartz production line distribution system is a kind of equipment for colored fabrics on workstation. It is divided into cylinder distributor, belt distributor and four-barrel dispersing equipment. Special distributor is used in special distribution system to ensure that the original mixed pattern will not be destroyed.

solid surface quartz production line pressing system pressing quartz plate maximum size is 3280x1650mm, customers can customize other specifications. The system is composed of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and automatic control.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

This system ensures that the quartz plate under high vacuum and high frequency vibration environment of rapid prototyping, and effectively guarantee the high flatness of plate, porosity, texture, uniform, high density, high hardness, suppress pressing parameters can be adjusted according to different formula and guarantee the shortest of down time at the same time effectively reduce resin content, for the production of special new low resin condition provide a reliable guarantee of design and color, vacuum system adopts special structure, quick break vacuum time significantly.

solid surface quartz production line development

In the past ten years, great progress has been made in the research and development of stone equipment in China. The automation level of some independent machines has reached the international advanced level. But at present, China has not yet produced high-end technology equipment. From the automation level of the whole solid surface quartz production line, there is still a distance from abroad.

Some production links still rely on manpower operation, which not only affects power production, but also leads to unstable product quality due to the low quality of employees. Italian Stone Companies in the international stone industry, although most of them use highly automated production lines, still need to have the necessary stone knowledge and experienced personnel to master the process parameters to produce cutting-edge stone products.

solid surface manufacturing plant process

solid surface manufacturing plant process

When the advanced equipment manufacturing industry began to take root in the industrial town, its burst out of the force is apparently amazing, "machine generation" wave is starting to set off the automation revolution, a considerable part of the reason for productivity improvements, is from people's endless pursuit of automation technology and innovative applications.

In the view of famous economist, "Internet +" represents the fourth industrial revolution, which will have a disruptive impact on the traditional business model. Under this influence, the global industrial competition pattern is undergoing major adjustment, forming new production mode, industrial form, business model and economic growth point.

solid surface quartz production line is also in the wave of revolution, trying to break the monopoly of foreign countries, to achieve intelligent solid surface quartz production line.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery

UTAND stone machinery specializes in producing solid surface quartz production line for 10 years,has rich design experience, not only with domestic manufacturers, and exports to the world, won the trust of customers.

UTAND stone machinery provides high quality solid surface quartz production line, complete equipment models, a wide range of types, can meet the needs of different customers, welcome to inquiry,we will give you professional advice.


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