high speed dispersion machine for sale

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high speed dispersion machine

high speed dispersion machine is a kind of blender. Because of the high speed mixer (such as a disc saw mixer), it can form a very strong turbulent flow in the area, and it usually has a very strong dispersing effect on the material, So this kind of speed mixer is called High Speed Disperser.

high speed dispersion machine for sale

high speed dispersion machine consists of elevating dispersion machine and kettle with dispersion machine, elevating dispersion machine according to the way of lifting and can be divided into: hydraulic lifting dispersion machine, pneumatic elevation dispersion machine, hand lift dispersion machine, etc.

high speed dispersion machine is suitable for all kinds of viscosity, such as electromagnetic speed, variable frequency and three-speed, etc. Hydraulic and mechanical hoisting modes, lifting and rotating freely and adjusting to various positions; Common and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

utand high speed dispersion machine production continuity is strong, the material can be rapid dispersing and dissolving, the dispersing effect is good, the production efficiency is high, the operation is smooth, the installation is simple. The viscosity and the amount of processing of different materials are different.

resin dye mixer

resin dye mixer

high speed dispersion machine for sale

high speed dispersion machine for sale from china, its to material from the radial concentration, strong centrifugal force in the precision of narrow gap between the rotor and at the same time by centrifugal extrusion, the liquid friction layer, hydraulic impact, such as integrated force, the material being scattered.

utand dispersion machine high speed rotating rotor linear velocity at least more than 15 m/s, material in the strong hydraulic shear, liquid layer under the action of friction, collision were scattered broken in full, at the same time, through the stator slot injection at a high speed.

high speed dispersion machine for sale, dispersion machine material from the radial high-speed injection, under the resistance of the material itself and the vessel wall change flow direction, at the same time under the rotor area, under the action of axial suction, forming the upper and lower two powerful 3 d turbulent flow. The material goes through several cycles, eventually completing the dispersing process.

Artificial stone mixer

Artificial stone mixer

utand high speed dispersion machine in working the maximum and minimum temperature of the environment should be within the allowable range, such as special orders for special orders.

our High Speed Disperser The waterproof dispersion machine should be used in the environment, high relative humidity and water droplet.The environment is often vibrated, bumpy and percussive, such as Marine dispersing machines.

The use of corrosive or explosive environments shall be preferred to use corrosion resistance according to safety requirements.


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