solid surface production machinery

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solid surface production machinery for sale

solid surface production machinery refers to the machinery used to produce solid surface slab. Over the past decade, solid surface slab have formed a new industry with annual production and sales of billions of dollars.Because of the difference in the solid surface production machinery, the quality of solid surface slab varies greatly.

 solid surface production machinery

solid surface production machinery press. Solid surface press is a kind of solid surface production machinery, we are not very common, so not familiar with, solid surface press is used for industrial products through pressure molding of a molding machine, generally using hydraulic cylinder, so also called hydraulic press, suitable for high-density solid surface, by pressure Head, pressure cylinder and other components, pressure cylinder pressure head to the raw material, the pressure head on the oscillator driven by high-frequency vibration of the pressure head, while the pressure cylinder regularly constantly applied pressure, so as to obtain a compact slab.

It can ensure that in the process of pressing solid surface, the pressure head always keeps a strong downward strike force, effectively reduces the resin content of solid surface, and reduces the manufacturing cost of the plate. It is mainly composed of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and fully automatic control parts. The solid surface production machinery press ensures the high-fidelity of the solid surface material. Air and high frequency vibration environment rapid formation, the press has flexible operation, finished sheet thickness can be changed from 8 mm to 30 mm at will, while changing the thickness of the product without changing the mold, easy to use, greatly reducing the workload of people and a cost of enterprises.

artificial quartz stone machine

artificial quartz stone machine

solid surface production machinery through a certain process of production of solid surface materials, widely used in cabinets, bars, bathrooms, etc., solid panels are made of resin with fillers, pigments, etc.

solid surface production machinery price

There are many solid surface production machinery, such as press, polishing machine, mixer, mixer, all production machinery together, is a solid surface production line.

There are many factors affecting solid surface production machinery price, the material quality of machinery, the type of machinery, whether the machinery is automated or semi-automated.

solid surface production machinery price influencing factors-Material. The huge increase in steel prices has directly led to the increase in solid surface production machinery price. We must choose the steel produced by regular steel mills to produce solid surface production machinery price.

solid surface production machinery price influencing factors-specification. Due to the different specifications of the solid panel, all the selected mechanical models are different. Generally speaking, the mechanical price of large panels is relatively expensive.

solid surface production machinery price influencing factors-Automation. The cost of semi-automatic and automatic is different, and the automation of solid surface machinery is much higher.

china quartz stone machinery

china quartz stone machinery

solid surface production machinery provided by UTAND stone machinery can produce either PMMA artificial slabs or UP unsaturated resin slabs. The manufacturer of solid surface material production line is responsible for equipment production, artificial slab formula provision, artificial slab process training, artificial slab pattern board production training and other related artificial slab equipment, process guidance training.


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