china quartz stone machinery

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china quartz stone machinery introduce

china quartz stone machinery got great development in recent years, because the artificial quartz stone good performance is recognised by the market, more and more people are building artificial quartz stone factory, china quartz stone machinery has a leap development.

china quartz stone machinery

China quartz stone machinery after pouring and betting two generating machinery development process, the two kinds of quartz stone machinery mechanical production of man-made board is hard to distinguish with the naked eye, if use mechanical testing, pressure injection of high hardness, dense, it is better than casting hardness, or a lot of quality.

China quartz stone machinery production of synthetic quartz plates have generally can solve the problem of porosity, the plate thickness and the penetration of quartz stone problems, with the developed countries in the world of the product to the United States, quality also are not much difference, but the price will be lower than many developed countries, has a good cost performance, with is why more and more customers approval.

Sales of man-made stone enterprises in China has more than 9 billion yuan, total exports of nearly $150 million, a conservative estimate if the current quartz products accounted for 30%, compared with 2.7 billion yuan market space.

artificial quartz stone machine

artificial quartz stone machine

With the development of product technology and market, shi yingshi market has been activated, and the demand for all kinds of artificial quartzite production line equipment has been increasing. Over the next three years, quartzite products will be increasing at 500% per year, with a huge market space.

china quartz stone machinery

Quartz, production and application has become so common that it benefited from quartz production technology matures, baili tong first developed in Italy B RETONE pride STONESYSTEM quartz production system, take us into an age of quartz, quartz production machinery in China are learning production developed later.

2015 years ago, due to the development of the artificial quartz production line cost is very expensive, and quartz products production technology is not easy to control, makes the quartz, mechanical manufacturing is one of the few vendors control, with the development of China quartz machinery, now already have a lot of patents, production capacity can be compared with foreign how to make artificial quartz stone.

Popular on the market in many countries "quartz" basically is given priority to with false quartz, one of the most obvious phenomenon is to use instead of quartz glass, quartz crystal, not crystal glass, glass is glass material, quartz is atomic crystals, quartz, China machinery is also gradually mature after the development of the above, to be able to achieve high quality equipment manufacturing.

Are derived, and some countries use of raw materials are derived for the quartz colors instead of quartz, is derived with calcium carbonate as filling material, its hardness is low, easy to fracture, the proposal chooses China man-made stone machinery to upgrade the product as soon as possible.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

In some countries a small factory production mode is using artificial casting, production equipment and technology is based on the production of ordinary artificial stone slightly improved, to produce false quartz are easy to deformation, hardness difference, easy bleeding, bubble many shortcomings, such as, and the high pressure pressing and there are no such problems.

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