granite polishing machine prices

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what is granite polishing machine?

granite polishing machine is mainly used for granite stone and granite slab polishing processing equipment, in view of the granite machine improvement on various performance indicators to achieve coarse fine grinding and mirror effect.

granite polishing machine prices

Polishing process has two, namely "dry polishing and wet polishing“, granite polishing machine use wet polishing millstone as stone products occurs between" do wet "physical chemistry, dry polishing is made evaporation in stone material surface temperature, which resulted in increased concentrations of polished stone, so as to strengthen effect, gloss began to reach the ideal requirements, gloss over 85 degrees or higher.

granite polishing machine polishing millstone on processed products polishing, after being polished products hot, board face with water water, cooling effect, do not allow the continuous water or a large amount of water, otherwise, the lubrication of water will make polishing cannot achieve the ideal effect, also can't all use dry polishing, high temperature will burn out the pan, and will make the crack of the plate.

In general, granite polishing machine the products after fine grinding, gloss over 40 ~ 50 or so, and some of the stone not meet the above glossiness after fine grinding, such as shanxi black, black gold sand, JiNing black, such products after fine grinding gloss only between 20 ~ 30 degrees, in front of the particle grinding principle explanation is not enough, this kind of product in polishing "do wet", the rise of temperature, cooling, strengthening and polishing process, physical and chemical reaction, the product after dry wet polishing, polishing, glossiness gradually increase, gloss over 85 degrees.

granite Slab polishing machine

granite slab polishing machine

granite polishing machine prices

granite polishing machine prices is by several factors determine, granite polishing machine specification of the polishing millstone, is a form of the expression of the surface grinding of the stone material, and the hard disk, which is made of metal material, is used to make the disc. The polished surface of the floppy disk is easy to yield to a concave surface when the material is under pressure, which is suitable for arc polishing.

utand granite polishing machine the wearability of medium hard disk, the adsorption is better, and have certain flexibility, the effect of polishing of planar stone material is also better.

Another important determinant is polishing technology for granite polishing machine. The polishing technology have the concentration and quantity of polish, the pressure and the linear velocity of the polishing. In less than a certain level, before the polishing speed increases with the increased concentration of polishing agent, after the maximum density, to increase concentration, the polishing speed reduce instead. In the same way, when the quantity supplied for the polisher is at a certain value, the polishing speed is the maximum, and then if the quantity supplied continues to increase, the polishing speed decreases.

The pressure of properly adding polishing can increase the speed of polishing, but the pressure is too high and the grinding function is strengthened. The speed of polishing depends on the speed of the disc, but the speed of the line is too high, and the polish will be thrown out and wasted.Utand stone machinery as always to provide users with the best granite polishing machine prices


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