quartz stone manufacturing process

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artificial quartz stone manufacturing process

artificial quartz stone is use natural stone or add glass broken material for main material, unsaturated polyester resin, or add polymer material as adhesive, classics agitate mix, vibration molding, vacuum pressure after curing, sawing, grinding, cutting processes such as processing into a building decorative veneer board.

quartz stone manufacturing process

artificial quartz stone manufacturing process is mix resin into the jar in a promoter first even mixing two points can then put the corresponding additive colorant in stir 5 minutes into the vacuum powder and hardener stir evenly around 20 points, the slurry mixture to the prepared like the glass (in advance on the glass if samsung wax or ordinary floor wax can also called release agent) in 20 points products after curing.

quartz stone manufacturing process is sheet at this time of the natural formation of the hardness is 70% without after curing (that is, in the constant temperature within the space between 50 and 80 degrees for 3 to 6 hours) need seven days completely reached 100% hardness, aliens without after curing, target boards require prior in the warehouse waiting for sales to the production of a lot of plate after curing to prevent deformation.

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

quartz stone manufacturing process

quartz stone manufacturing process is according to the proportion of the need to mix different mesh packing is good, and have good temperature, initiator and paste resin in the mixture, and pumped to the pouring machine hopper, toss to combine. In pouring mouth place, use the console to control the movement of sprue gate casting speed and movement direction and cutting speed to ready mold, pouring is completed, below, to press the die by vacuum high-pressure suppression, high temperature processing, made the final grinding polishing the finished product.

Artificial stone making machine

artificial quartz stone making machine

quartz stone manufacturing process product color appearance mainly by grasping accurate add paste. Paste the said before, it is best to 1% concentration of diluted with styrene thin paste seal, set aside. This can be improved a hundred times more accurately than the direct color of the paste. The most reasonable order of stirring is: resin + stimulant stirring + the mixing of the paste and the mixing of the mixture and the curing agent.

utand quartz stone manufacturing process is in a vacuum die casting machine that is controlled by the computer precisely. artificial quartz stone made from a mixture of unnatural, is a new kind of composite material, with unsaturated polyester resin and filler, pigment mixing, add a small amount of initiator, through a certain process.


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