polishing machine for stone

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composition of polishing machine for stone

polishing machine for stone plays a very important role in production. Today we will introduce the composition of polishing machine for stone

polishing machine for stone

polishing machine for stone is mainly composed of cross beam system, inner frame structure, outer frame structure and spindle system, trolley system and electric control cabinet.

1、The overall casting process is adopted in the beam system. The structure is reasonable, the strength is high, and it is not easy to deform.

2、The inner and outer frames adopt rigid connection, which ensures smooth operation and very flexible movement.

3、The spindle system is designed to move up and down the outer frame guide shaft from top to bottom. The reciprocating motion of the inner frame system along the cross beam guide rail is carried out.

4、The electrical control system can realize manual and automatic switching functions. A circular saw blade with a diameter of 2500mm is used. It can cut 1100 wide slab stone, and its performance is more stable. And a large sheet can be sawed.

With the development of the society, especially in the twenty-first Century, the rapid development of mechatronics technology has brought a very broad prospect for the mechanical industry of our country. With the perfect integration of the integrated technology and cutting machinery and the improvement of many properties of the stone machinery, it is able to achieve a new type of stone equipment with multi-function, high efficiency, high reliability and saving material resources.The future development direction of sawing machine should be short, small, light, thin and multifunctional. To meet the development direction of diversification and automation. Adopt high technology, high quality and price control system to improve machine type, production capacity and processing level. So as to achieve competition with the international high-end sawing machine market.

In recent years, UTAND stone machinery sticks to two lines of development and ecology. By increasing investment and attracting investment, the industrial transformation and upgrading are accelerated, and the stone industry has developed rapidly. The industrial structure and the product structure have been obviously adjusted. A batch of industrial systems, such as block, stone processing and new type of plate, have been formed. The development trend of traditional industrial scale, new industrial agglomeration and diversification is presented. The stone industry has become an important economic growth point.

Now, regardless of family or business, more and more attention is paid to decorating, which makes a deep impression on visitors. The use of stone is more and more widely used. Kitchens, toilets, office buildings, garden landscapes, stone carvings, public buildings, facades, etc. are all used for stone. The use of stone is a major trend in the future. This is not the retrogression of the times, but the upgrading of consumption.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

After years of use of stone and its natural weathering, combined with artificial nursing, it can easily lead to the disappearance of its natural color and brightness. It is unbearable to see that the cost of redecoration is too high and time is too long. The marble refurbishment process uses chemical and physical functions in a very short period of time, on the original basis, through the grinding and polishing of the machine to restore it to the original brightness, the color and lustre nature, the brightness of one hundred percent, both economical and time-saving, and the service life is over five years.

polishing machine for stone

From the present situation, the domestic stone machinery manufacturers are everywhere, showing an upward scene, they constantly develop and produce new stone machinery suitable for the national conditions, and are cheap and cheap.

However, with the continuous improvement of the requirements for stone quality in the international market, the ultra-thin plate and board will gradually become the mainstream of modern stone industry. Thus, the stone machinery in the production of ultra-thin plates and large plates will be very popular in the market. The large equipment in Italy is flooded with the domestic market, and the stone machinery in China is facing unprecedented challenges.

UTAND stone machinery equipment stone overall grinding is the use of stone special stone grinding machine and grinding tools for large area ground stone field grinding, in order to achieve the overall planeness, gloss and decoration of the needs of the stone.

UTAND stone machinery equipment for the new paved stone ground project, the overall grinding of stone is a one-off field grinding and a part of the refurbishment process of stone. For the old stone ground used, the overall grinding of stone is to eliminate the defects, diseases and pollution of stone materials. Full grinding, which plays a new role in removing old dew, is a step in the process of stone nursing.

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

UTAND stone machinery for the first time the stone refurbishment and the overall grinding of the stone after the overall grinding, both of the purpose is to remove the surface of the stone, exposing the purpose of the fresh layer, and grinding, polishing, in order to improve the overall decorative stone effect. The new appearance of the stone after being grinded is sometimes referred to as stone renovation. Therefore, the overall grinding is sometimes referred to as the overall grinding and renovation of stone.


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