stone polishing machine cost

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stone polishing machine working

stone polishing machine is a kind of filled with coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the stone polishing equipment.

stone wool boards from one end into the polishing machine, after coarse grinding into fine grinding, the final polishing, is a kind of high efficiency polishing equipment, because of the grinding head movements into oscillating and stationary.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

Now polishing machine is the mainstream of the stone grinding equipment. stone polishing machine is the mainstream of stone production line equipment, of course, some will use it individually. In addition, the actuality of stone production in China, in recent years also developed some such as single head type, in the granite, small double disc grinding machine grinding machine, four, six, its basic principle is to board face several stages in the process of grinding block for coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, but not polishing machine of high production efficiency.

Now stone polishing machine has developed more than 20 of the grinding head. This equipment is a new development. For flexible processing some irregular stone. Now some small factories use the most is still walking type rocker milling machine.

stone polishing machine cost

Stone processing industry is the development speed of all people have to see, hot stone industry also promotes the rapid development of the companies to processing good stone still need better processing machinery.

Processing machinery is used in stone processing speed and has a lot to do, in the demand for stone stone trading season is very big, will require stone material production factory production speed to keep up with.

Utand stone polishing machine cost is very low, it is very suitable for production use, utand stone polishing machine cost mechanical grinding and polishing of advantages:

Grinding the consistency of the good, the line of different sizes can order installation, has the very good compatibility;

On the surface of the polishing lines without waves, flatness, straightness is very good; Back to the plane of polishing products used for arc degree good, high luminosity; High efficiency;

Reduce the labor intensity of the grinding and polishing operation; Improve working conditions for fine polishing; Suitable for artificial stone production line.


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