stone tile polishing machine

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stone tile polishing machine for sale

stone tile polishing machine is a new type of machine that has been improved in design and production in recent years in combination with the advantages and disadvantages of various types of arc machines on the market.stone tile polishing machine is an indispensable equipment for tile processing plants!

stone tile polishing machine

stone tile polishing machine structure is firm and reliable. Because the imported high-quality bearings are used in key parts such as the large shaft, the rocking mechanism, the polishing head and the manipulator components, the components of the machine are stable, rigid, accurate rocking position and low noise.

stone tile polishing machine can process any level of polished brick and stone with arc surface or 45 degree bevel, making it a beautiful step brick and anchor line. The production process is fully automatic, easy to operate, and the processing cost is extremely low. The decoration works very well. Most of the popular arc stone tile polishing machine on the market today are 14 grinding heads, because this model works best and speeds up.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

Under the glory of history, China's stone tile polishing machine has gone from "by others" to "by itself", from "introduction" to "going out", from "no status" to "big brand", all the way, all the way, A glory. It is true that China's stone tile polishing machine can be very proud, because in just a few decades, we have achieved a leap and leap again; but China's stone tile polishing machine must be very modest, because as we enter the international arena, while we are heading forward, we have a It’s a long way to go.

stone tile polishing machine character

stone tile polishing machine character: main drive frequency control, speed digital display; PLC control, fully automatic start, brick-free automatic obstacle avoidance function; beam swing shifting, delay function.

stone tile polishing machine adopts advanced grinding head combination and control method. While rotating and polishing the tiles, six abrasive tools grind the surface of the bricks, which greatly improves the gloss of the bricks. The grinding block is in linear contact with the brick surface and has good cooling conditions. When the thickness of the new grinding head is slightly different or the surface of the brick is not flat, the whole grinding head can be automatically floated to avoid vibration of the machine and reduce the damage of the tile.

quartz stone pressing line

quartz stone pressing line

The stone tile polishing machine head can be automatically raised and lowered, advanced and retracted, and can be rotated 360 degrees. The polishing wheel speed can be adjusted. Optional manual waxing or automatic spray gun can adjust the interval between sprays. The cloth wheel can be automatically replenished when it is worn out. With fault alarm function, the cause can be automatically displayed if there is a fault during the polishing process.


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