granite polishing machine suppliers

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what is granite polishing machine

granite polishing machine is a polishing machine specially designed for granite, with higher polishing efficiency and service life, is the best polishing equipment for granite plate.

granite polishing machine suppliers

Of all natural stone floor materials, granite is by far the hardest and most durable material. It also has anti-fouling and anti-acid and alkaline. This is why it can make kitchen countertops and floor materials.

Due to the stiffness of the granite and wear-resisting, also caused the traditional polishing method processing difficulty is very big, the polishing efficiency is very low, with the development of the market machinery, professional granite polishing machine, then as the granite polished professional equipment.

After preliminary treatment of granite, there are several steps:

coarse grinding: required grinding turning deep, high grinding efficiency, grinding of coarse grain and grinded surface is rough, mainly clear stone in before leave some traces saw blade and the smoothness of stone material, molding grinding in place;

Semi-fine grinding: remove the rough marks and form a new fine grain, so that the stone surface is smooth and smooth.

Fine grinding: the surface pattern, particle and color of the stone surface after fine grinding have been clearly displayed, and the surface is fine and smooth, and starts to have a faint glossiness.

Fine grinding: the surface of the stone after grinding, without visible trace. The surface is more and more smooth, and the glossiness can reach up to 55 degrees.

Polishing: using a dedicated granite polishing machine, from the 50 to 3000 stone water grinding sheet from coarse to fine stone grinding, resulting in the ground bright and smooth as new. The polished stone surface is bright as a mirror, and its glossiness can reach above 85 degrees. According to different types of stone, different polishing processes are used.

plane plate grinding polishing process: check the status of the material - glue to fill - check - before starting the upper - trimming -- and, in turn, each grinding head start, see fine polishing, adjust the grinding parameters, the condition of drying, waxing, cleaning, inspection, the lower - packing.

single head automatic granite polishing machine

single head automatic granite polishing machine

granite plate surface grinding and polishing process: check material status - glue to fill - artificial coarse grinding - inspection - upper - check - before starting the coarse grinding, check coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, check the polishing conditions, the lower.

different line grinding and polishing processes: check the status of the material, check if the shape of the modelling of qualified, contour line is drawn according to the standard template, coarse grinding the end face, from both ends to the middle coarse grinding, fine grinding, splicing, water knife 400 # apart, fine polishing, after inspection.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

granite polishing machine suppliers

Utand is a professional Chinese granite polishing machine suppliers, is China's earliest development and production of professional granite polishing machine manufacturers.

utand granite polishing machine is a new kind of granite slab processing equipment that our factory has improved the design and production by combining the advantages and disadvantages of various types of arc machines in the market in recent years.

utand granite polishing machine structure is firm and reliable, because in the big shaft, swing, polishing grinding head and mechanical parts such as the key parts adopt imported high quality bearings, causing the machine parts stable running, good rigidity, swing position accuracy, low noise.

our granite polishing machine can be on any level of polishing brick, stone arc surface or 45 degrees of bevel processing, making it a beautiful brick and the steps of the anchor line, automatic production process, easy operation, and low processing cost, used for decoration engineering effect. The processing speed is 1.5 times of the same grinding head.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine


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