quartz stone slabs making machines

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quartz stone slabs making machines

The new quartz stone slabs making machine has expanded the automation of the total production capacity. At the same time, the production efficiency is high, four times as much as the ordinary production line, which greatly satisfies the customer order and the demand for delivery.

quartz stone slabs making machines

The quartz stone slabs making machine production line has made a great improvement in the curing and polishing of the plate. The curing degree is better, the plate is more compact, the hardness is higher, the polishing performance is stronger, and the gloss can reach more than 90 degrees. The dustproof is better, the work noise is small, and the high efficiency and energy saving.

quartz stone slabs making machine production line mesa technology vacuum pressure molding technology advantages are as follows:

1. Under the condition of ensuring the thickness and quality of the artificial stone table, the quartz stone slabs making machine can be formed by the multi-function mold to the artificial stone table with the back and the front skirt. Compared with the artificial stone table with the same specification, the material reaches 19%, and no visco joints are seen

2. No need for sanding machine and dust removal equipment to solve the problem of dust pollution to human body and environment.

3、When the cutting and bonding work is omitted, the table surface has no joint joint, and the adhesive has been saved. The efficiency can be up to 45%. If the table model has L type and U type, it needs to punch and cut the gap, and it is also not restricted by the process.

4, if the kitchen cabinet factory is used for its own production, it can also set up the hole mold and the basin hole mold, and it can save raw materials 20%.

5, this complete set of quartz stone slabs making machine production line platform technology - the comprehensive cost of the vacuum pressure molding process compared with the existing plate processing platform, the synthetic cost of artificial stone equipment is reduced by more than 35%, the quality is guaranteed, the finished product rate is above 99%, the physical and chemical indexes 100% are up to the standard or exceed the standard, and the quality is reduced again. In the case of price, some small businesses will not have to cut corners or make rough ones.

Artificial Stone Machinery Manufacturers

Artificial Stone Machinery Manufacturers

It is understood that the stone sheet is a super hard environmental protection composite made of the most advanced technology in the world. It is made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% mineral pigments, resins and other additives. It has many advantages that ordinary man-made stones do not possess at present: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no breakage, no oil seepage and high resistance. I believe that in the future, the market of quartzite will be bigger and bigger, and the development prospect of quartz stone slabs making machine will be better and better.

Six characteristics of quartzite production by quartz stone slabs making machine

Quartz stone press is an artificial quartzite production equipment, the produced quartz stone has six major features, below to share the six features of the quartz stone slabs making machine by the press.

1, surface durable bright: tight structure, no microporous, no water, anti pollution, the daily seasoning of the cabinet is not permeable, after precision polishing treatment, quartz stone surface is very easy to clean, can maintain a lasting luster, bright as new.

2. Scratch: the surface hardness of quartzite is higher than that of common iron. Any household articles can be placed on the table.

3, resistance to dirty: Quartz mesa has a high level of no microporous structure, the water absorption rate is only 0.03%, enough to prove that the material is basically no infiltration, each time after the use of the table with clean water or neutral detergent will be rinsed off.

4、Anti burn: quartz stone has a very high anti burn ability on the surface. It is the best temperature resistant material other than stainless steel.

5、Anti aging and non fading: under normal temperature, the aging phenomenon of the material is generally not observed.

6、Innocuity and no radiation: proven by national authoritative health organization as non-toxic hygienic material, it can directly contact with food.

The application of artificial quartzite: the table of the cabinet room, the laboratory table, the window table, the bar table, the elevator mouth, the ground, the wall and so on. The quartz stone machinery is suitable for the building materials with high material requirements, and the artificial quartz stone is applicable.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine


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