quartz laminating machine for sale

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what is quartz laminating machine?

artificial quartz stone laminating machine is at the end of the artificial quartz production line production equipment, used to produce artificial stone plate sticker protection, protection products of smoothness and brightness, prevent the transportation process of dust on the surface of the artificial quartz stone, keep the product at the time of sale to the effect of the factory.

quartz laminating machine for sale

quartz laminating machine use the protective film of plastic sheet is mostly made of polyolefin plastic film or kraft paper. Rubber or acrylic resin is used as pressure sensitive adhesive. In order to ensure that the pressure-sensitive adhesive is adhered to the thin film substrate, the substrate must be treated with the surface and then applied to the anchoring agent and then quartz laminating machine applied with the pressure-sensitive adhesive on the anchoring agent.

Utand quartz laminating machine Heating film, Double end cylinder tensioning, Automatic braking device, Automatic cutting, Front and rear delivery platforms, etc processing width (different types) : 800 mm, 1300 mm, 1600 mm, 2500 mm or other,Coating speed: about 10 meters per minute, can be selected speed, non-polar speed regulation or frequency conversion speed.

Utand quartz laminating machine for sale

Utand quartz laminating machine for sale to facilitate the production, processing, transportation, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, and protect the original bright and clean bright surface and preventing burst, such as lens.

quartz laminating machine

quartz laminating machine

artificial quartz stone laminating machine by the upper and lower rubber roller, frame, power transmission and control devices, membrane holder frame and so on, has the effect of smooth, no wrinkles, no bubbles, simple operation, long service life, etc, can choose single or double side sticker at the same time laminating machine, have a safe operating device, automatic cutting film, feeding, feeding speed is adjustable, etc.

quartz laminating machine for sale plastic drum is used to press the protective film against the surface of the stone board, to protect the surface of the plate and keep the surface of the sheet.


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