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automatic polishing machine manufacturers

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what is automatic polishing machine?

automatic polishing machine is a kind of polishing machine which can control the various grinding heads through the CNC system. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high automation and high efficiency.

automatic polishing machine manufacturers

automatic polishing machine manufacturers polishing stone generally has two kinds: resin polishing block or Resin cast disc.Put the polished stone on the processed automatic polishing machine , with the mechanical equipment running quickly and "dry polishing, wet polishing" to achieve polishing effect, the product surface will appear very strong reflection, this is commonly referred to as gloss.

automatic polishing machine has two polishing process , namely "dry wet polishing ", polishing millstone as stone products occurs between" do wet "physical chemistry, dry polishing is made evaporation in stone material surface temperature, automatic polishing machine which resulted in increased concentrations of polished stone, so as to strengthen effect, gloss began to reach the ideal requirements, gloss over 85 degrees or higher.

Polishing millstone on automatic polishing machine polishing, after being polished products hot, board face with water water, cooling effect, do not allow the continuous water or a large amount of water, otherwise, the lubrication of water will make polishing cannot achieve the ideal effect, also can't all use dry polishing, high temperature will burn out the pan, and will make the crack of the stone plate.

12 heads stone polishing machine

12 heads stone polishing machine

automatic polishing machine products after fine grinding, gloss over 40 ~ 50 or so, and some of the stone not meet the above glossiness after fine grinding, such as shanxi black, black gold sand, JiNing black, such products after fine grinding gloss only between 20 ~ 30 degrees.

automatic polishing machine grinding principle explanation is not enough, this kind of product in polishing "do wet", the rise of temperature, cooling, strengthening and polishing process, physical and chemical reaction, the product after dry wet polishing, polishing, glossiness gradually increase, gloss over 85 degrees.

automatic polishing machine manufacturers

Automatic polishing machine manufacturers of utand is a whole series of continuous automatic polishing equipment professional manufacturers, products include single head polishing machine, 6 head continuous polishing machine, 12 CNC polishing machine, 20 head high efficiency polishing machine, etc.

Automatic polishing machine manufacturers of utand with more than 20 years of production experience, the product price is moderate, the quality is reliable cover an area of an area small, friendly man-machine interface, intelligentize degree is high, energy saving and high production efficiency!

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine


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