Artificial quartz slab production line in china

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Artificial quartz slab production line in china

In recent years, the stone industry has been developing rapidly in China, and the technological innovation of artificial quartz slab production line in china has promoted the development of stone industry.

In the new situation, how to improve the speed and efficiency of stone industry by two cards in the continuous promotion of artificial quartz slab production line in china and technology, it is necessary to strengthen the stone protection products, as well as the study of the construction methods of different parts of the stone, to solve the detailed problems in the stone application and improve the application effect. Technological innovation, preventing duplication of research results in extravagant time and capital, and promoting production and research institutes to tackle problems together, take risks together and benefit from each other.

To develop the international market, we must have a strong sense of creating famous brand products and famous corporate image. But on the other hand, there is still great potential for stone export in China.

After joining WTO, China's stone industry must organize production and control according to the international scale, and promote the continuous renewal of production technology and equipment and the adjustment of product structure. According to the scale of the existing artificial quartz slab production line in china, the total investment is about about 100000000000 yuan, which is basically invested by the private sector according to the needs of the market.

Artificial quartz slab production line in china is estimated that China's stone export products will reach 50% to 60% of the national stone products in 2015, and the business volume of stone export reaches US $2 billion.

Modern stone industry is mine mining and stone processing mechanization, intelligent, stone product standardization, standardization, function, enterprise management scientific, industry management standardization, environmental friendly, resource saving international stone material and product processing industry.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

These modern and advanced artificial quartz slab production line in china experience is summed up by the large stone enterprises in the eastern coastal zone. Other stone enterprises should not follow them blindly, but should be brave to surpass, adhere to the Scientific Outlook on Development, adapt to the social development requirements and realize their own new breakthrough.

In the new era of rapid development of science and technology, the strength of enterprise development and the competitive level of enterprises are often determined by the level of science and technology and the precondition of technical backup. According to the market demand, enterprises should study the pivotal technology and leading products which have the decisive role in the market competition, and develop to become the main body of science and technology research, the main body of technical property rights and the direction of science and technology. This is conducive to giving full play to their advantages and speeding up the improvement of science and technology.

Analysis of the present situation and economic benefit of artificial quartz slab production line in china

1, the production of plate

In the 1-5 month of 2016, the output of marble plates was 82 million 100 thousand square meters. Compared with the same period in 2013, the growth rate was 14.4%. The output of granite plate is 220 million square meters. The rate of rise is 14.9%.

The main processing area of marble and granite is the eastern part of China. The growth rate of marble output in eastern China is 12.9%. The growth rate of granite is 17.7%.

2, profit analysis

1-4 months last year. The main business income of stone enterprises totaled 113 billion 800 million yuan. Compared with the same period of the previous year, an increase of 17.7%, the total profit of 9 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 20.1 percentage points over the previous year.

Profit from mining enterprises

The main business income of mining enterprises increased by 9.1% compared with the previous year, and the total profit increased by 27.5%. The main business income of processing enterprises increased by 19.8% over the previous year, for example, the total volume grew by 18.5%. In summary, the development of the stone industry is still on the rise, and the profit margin is huge.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line


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