how to make engineered quartz stone

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how to make engineered quartz stone introduce

how to make engineered quartz stone is a question many customers want to know. The production process of engineered quartz stone includes batching, pressing, curing, cooling, calibrating, cutting, polishing and so on. In these processes, any detail will affect the quality of engineered quartz stone produced.

how to make engineered quartz stone

how to make engineered quartz stone-batching:Various raw materials (quartz sand, resin, coupling agent, curing agent, glass (white glass, mirror glass), color powder and titanium dioxide) prepared according to the required varieties of production are mixed in proportion to the formula.

how to make engineered quartz stone-pressing:After the batching is finished, it is conveyed to the press through the automatic production line, and the vacuum is pumped for about 120 seconds. After that, the vacuum is pumped by secondary pressure.

engineered stone manufacturing

engineered stone manufacturing

The time of secondary pressure is generally about 25 seconds. Then the vibration pressure is applied, and the vibration pressure time is about 200 seconds. Of course, the time of vacuum and pressure also varies with the specifications and thickness of the sheet.

how to make engineered quartz stone-polishing:The flattened quartz slabs on both sides are transported from the automatic production line to the polishing line. The front polishing is carried out with a polishing head from coarse to fine.

The polishing time of a large slab is about 13 to 15 minutes. After finishing the front polishing, it is reversed by the automatic turning machine on the automatic production line and then transferred to the No. 2 polishing line. Then the back polishing is carried out for about 13 to 15 minutes.

engineered quartz stone machineryengineered quartz stone machinery

how to make engineered quartz stone analysis

From the raw material to Analyze how to make engineered quartz stone : quartz stone main material about 10% resin and particle trace elements and contains more than 90% quartz ore sand. There are two main types of quartz ore sand:

coarse sand and fine sand. Coarse sand needs to be screened, because there are many impurities in the coarse sand, and the ore is coarse, so it is not as good-looking and durable as the table of the refined sand.

In view of the hardness of sheet metal, quartzite has two ways: one is die casting, the other is casting. Casting quartzite is a direct casting process, which results in porosity in the middle of the sheet and easy penetration of the sheet, and cracking of the sheet with too much resin.

engineered quartz manufacturing process

engineered quartz manufacturing process

Finally, from the particle analysis, good quartzite particles are relatively rich, including glass particles, quartz sand particles, metal particles, and the impurities of good plate particles are relatively small, such a plate is refreshing, clean and beautiful.


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