automatic polishing machine granite

2017-12-20 10:00:52  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1702)

automatic polishing machine for granite

Automatic polishing machine granite is on the high hardness and high wear resistance of the granite specially improved private automatic polishing machine, is the highest professional equipment in the polishing granite plate efficiency.

automatic polishing machine granite

Automatic polishing machine for granite is the most difficult polishing equipment, why need automatic polishing machine granite? Of all natural stone floor material, granite is by far the hardest and most wear-resisting material. It also has anti-fouling and anti-acid alkaline. This is why it can make kitchen countertops and floor materials. Although the granite is hard, it can still be cut by quartz. The main ingredient in the sand that enters the room through the sole is quartz.

In a processing plant, a polished marble can be polished for only 40 minutes to achieve a high gloss effect. Granite takes several hours to achieve the same effect. The professional automatic polishing machine granite equipment can greatly improve the polishing time and improve the efficiency of the product, thus improving the production efficiency of the entire granite polishing line.

The automatic polishing machine for granite usually uses hard materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc. The disc, which is often made of metal, is called a hard disk, made of wood, plastic and even asphalt.automatic granite polishing machine is more commonly used in the processing of jade processing, so it is more commonly used for soft polishing tools.

granite Slab polishing machine

granite Slab polishing machine

automatic polishing machine granite of utand

automatic polishing machine granite of utand After 23 years of research and development application and improvement, has become the leading product in the polishing machine, adopts imported PLC control system, text display, realizes the intelligent control, has a higher efficiency of polishing.

Automatic polishing machine of utand has become continuous polishing machine, CNC polishing head can have nine head polishing machine, 12 automatic polishing machine, 20 large polishing machine, mainly used for grinding and polishing, utand automatic polishing machine granite reasonable structure, stable performance, high working efficiency, and adopting the outer cylinder, has a long life, low failure rate, less maintenance costs, non-friable plate, etc.

utand automatic polishing machine granite conveyor belt chooses the top quality brand, the thickness is uniform, the elastic anti-slip point on the conveyor belt ensures the consistency of the plate products. The conveyor belt and beam swing are adjusted by automatic control system to realize variable speed control.

automatic polishing machine manufacturers

automatic polishing machine manufacturers

automatic continuous polishing machine for sale consumed power of equipment (single head power 7.5 KW), use cost low, stone polishing production in shandong district 38 ㎡ / h, the polishing of high efficiency, high luminosity, convenient operation, simple maintenance and so on. In order to reduce the cost, the machine can also use the big T abrasive.


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