granite polishing machine

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granite polishing machine introduce

Granite polishing machine is specially used to polish the granite plate machinery, granite polishing machine manufacturer with granite features are improved, the polishing efficiency is higher and the effect is better.

granite polishing machine

After the preliminary treatment of granite, there are several steps with granite polishing machine:

coarse grinding: required grinding turning deep, high grinding efficiency, grinding of coarse grain and grinded surface is rough, mainly clear stone in before leave some traces saw blade and the smoothness of stone material, molding grinding in place;

Semi - fine grinding: remove the rough marks and form a new and fine line, making the stone surface smooth and smooth, Fine grinding: the surface pattern, granule and color of the stone after fine grinding have been clearly displayed. The surface is fine and smooth and has a weak gloss. Fine grinding: no visible trace of the stone surface after grinding. The surface is more and more smooth, the gloss can reach up to 55 degrees.

Polishing: using a dedicated granite polishing machine, the stone water mill from no.50 to 3000 will be used for grinding of stone materials, which will cause the ground to be bright and smooth as new. The polished stone surface is bright as a mirror, and its gloss can reach above 85 degrees. According to different types of stone, different polishing process is used.

granite Slab polishing machine

granite Slab polishing machine

granite polishing machine manufacturer

granite polishing machine manufacturer most professional thing in China is utand stone machinery, our granite polishing machine structure is reasonable, easy to operate, convenient and flexible, 30% higher than the expected output. This will make the crusher more stable, and the equipment will last longer.

utand granite polishing machine stable transmission device, the fuselage with gear transmission gearbox, can hang two gears, the motor power 100%, significantly enhance the rotation shaft torque force at low speed, used in the process of the polishing the needs of different ground and the polishing process, thus improve the grinding, polishing effect.

utand granite polishing machine weighs up to 250kg, and the grinding disk is compressed to more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polishing brick, epoxy quartz sand millstone, epoxy floor, cement) and low hardness (cloud and artificial marble) are also suitable for the ground.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

utand is the manufacturer of granite polishing machine for 25 years, has a wealth of design experience. It is one of the most powerful brand manufacturers in China. The granite polishing equipment is built with advanced technology and advanced intelligent control system. Make polishing equipment more intelligent, easy to operate. With the overall skill update and optimization, our granite polishing machine can create more benefits for users and is the best choice for users to purchase crushers.


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