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china pebble stone making machine

2018-01-14 23:58:41  By:Utand Stone Machinery (661)

pebble stone making machine

pebble stone making machine is the principle of centrifugal movement for pebbles, removing rust and polishing the pebbly machine. pebble stone making machine with pebble stone surface finish is higher, brightness is higher, received market wide welcome.

china pebble stone making machine

The main chemical composition of pebbles is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds. They themselves have different pigments, such as red, iron, blue and copper, purple and manganese, yellow semi-transparent silica gel, emerald green mineral, etc. As a result of these ions into silicon dioxide pigment in the hydrothermal type and content, thus presents the ever-changing shade and depth of color, make pebbles present a black, white, yellow, red, dark green, such as its color.Pebble stone making machine is an inevitable choice for modern people to meet more and more demands.

Pebble stone making machine works is material from the mouth into the cylinder, cylinder under the drive of motor and speed reducer do scroll, with the continuous rolling of cylinder, material do centrifugal motion in cylinder body, under the control of the speed reducer to keep speed between 30 ~ 50 r/min, through the material and material, collisions between raw material and abrasive grinding, make its surface smooth, remove sharp edges and burrs.

pebble stone production machine

pebble stone production machine

china pebble stone making machine

With the development of China's infrastructure, the demand for pebbles is increasing, china pebble stone making machine market of the manufacturing machine is favored by the majority of stone manufacturers.

utand pebble stone making machine is a well-known brand in China. high output, easy to operate, single 1-6m3 loading space for grinding, derusting, burr, chamfering, oil removal, surface polishing no longer difficult!

china pebble stone making machine remove the previous complicated procedures, automatic screening and polishing! It only takes half an hour to finish the work, improve the working efficiency 6~10 times, save time.The dry and wet dual-use mode of utand stone machinery makes the circulating water drum body take away the powder, make the material more smooth and efficient, and avoid harmful dust emission at the same time!

utand pebble stone making machine original internal lifting device for improving the polishing efficiency, thickness and strength, the shell is more wearable, and the inner lining of the shell can be covered with rubber lining or adding abrasives to solve the special needs of users.

There is no need for professional staff placement and debugging, our pebble stone making machine no other supporting equipment is required. After purchase, users can directly add material production, and the specifications are varied and can be customized according to requirements.

cobblestone making machine

cobblestone making machine


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