used stone calibration machine

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The application of stone calibration machine

stone calibration machine is essential to artificial quartz production line and equipment. quartz stone slab surface is easy to appear uneven, uneven thickness, so before grinding to plate flatness, thickness of the thin degree must carry on the processing, quartz stone calibration machine spindle bottom is equipped with a large diamond millstone, cooling water from the shaft center.

the stone calibration machine have big turn millstones, stone slab flat on platform, platform adopts frequency conversion device, automatic feeding, one-time can solve the flatness of plate, thick and thin. The efficiency (granite) to 6 ㎡ / hour. Panel of error of plus or minus within 0.5 MM, thick plank the thickest of up to 100 MM. The thick wool plate, with a polishing machine polishing, stone slab is very smooth, high gloss.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

used stone calibration machine

Artificial quartz stone widely used in our daily life, such as toilet mesa, ambry mesa, windowsill, dining tables, business platform, the reception counter, etc., are using artificial quartz stone processing, bright appearance, smooth, used stone calibration machine artificial quartz, mechanical easy to use.

used stone calibration machine is very important work, stone calibration machine determine the thickness of the slab, had a great influence on the efficiency of the follow-up work. utand stone calibration machine use digital display and automatic controlled by electrical motor, operation is very convenient, to ensure accurate of the slab thickness.

artificial stone production line

artificial stone production line

stone calibration role in artificial stone production line

Stone calibration procedures for plate after cutting, before polishing, its purpose is to cut down the plate thickness, make its uniform thickness, board face level off, the plate again for polishing, grinding can easily develop high brightness. After stone calibration process of plank product, has realized the uniform degree of thickness, good flatness, high brightness, successfully solved has been trapped around the stone industry of "3 c" problem, make the plank after processing quality had the very big improvement.


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