artificial quartz slab production line quality 3 factors

2017-01-12 11:02:45  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1826)

At present, the consumption situation of the domestic building materials is good. Because the artificial quartz slab with the characteristics of natural texture, high hardness and strong wear resistance, it is already the customer’s favorite green environmental protection building materials. However, the quality of the artificial quartz slab in the market is different. The reason is that the product has a large number of micro holes which cannot be observed by eyes. It can influence the density of the products, products of water absorption and anti-fouling, antifreeze performance of products, and ultimately affect the use of artificial quartz products. Effect of artificial quartz stone slab quality is mainly in the following 3 aspects:


Artificial quartz slab raw material shape and proportion:

Due to the artificial quartz slab, more than 90% of the raw material is glass, natural quartz and natural granite, so the density of the product and a direct link between the shape of the raw materials and mix ratio. To increase the liquidity of products in the forming stage, the shape of the requirement of raw materials is greater than 0.2 mm particles is the most close to the ball, particle size liquid is obtained by the experiment in order: conical - cylindrical –cone- the lamellar body.

Have the ideal shape of the raw materials, to mix the material particles according to certain proportion to reach the ideal filling state, experiments show that the secondary particle size particles can fill the gap produced by particle mixing at the next higher level of 60% is preferred, the remaining space with finer particles, powder and resin filling materials.


Artificial stone mixer

artificial quartz slab mixer machine

Blender mixing effect directly affects the uniformity of artificial quartz products and compactness. The speed of the stirrer, the shape of the stirrer, the resin ratio, the order of material, and mixing time, etc. are directly affect the mixing effect. Generally, stirring speed from low to high, material cutting order to aggregate, resin, powder, resin, blanking high-speed stirring again after 3 to 5 minutes, stirring the materials dispersed evenly, the clouds rate below 3%.


artificial quartz slab Shape machine

artificial quartz slab Shape machine

At present, on the domestic and international, the forming principle of artificial quartz slab products are: resin bonded quartz powder vacuum vibration extrusion forming; Plays a role of bonding and filling resin. Plays a role of frame is quartz stone powder. Vacuum gas styrene is conducive to eliminate air and take out the inside of the resin; Vibration is to enhance liquidity when molding; the role of compaction pressure products. According to the principle of forming, we can draw the right resin dosage, the reasonable ratio of quartz, high vacuum degree, high vibration frequency and the appropriate pressure conditions produce artificial quartz products. So the structure is compact, less micro holes, bibulous rate is lower; Vice is higher.

To sum up, the density of artificial quartz, and the shape of the raw material, the effects of raw material proportioning, mixing, vacuum degree and vibration speed, and the ratio of raw material shape nearly spherical, raw material, mixing effects in uniform dispersion, vacuum degree increase to more than 0.098 MPa, the vibrating body speed increased to 4000 revolutions per points, produce the artificial quartz products best, micro holes products quantity minimum, bibulous rate is low. This has greatly improved the the anti-fouling, antifreeze performance of synthetic quartz products. Make artificial quartz can be widely used in cabinets, dining table, test bench, and even in public places, indoor wall and external wall panel, etc.


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