quartz slab making machine

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quartz slab making machine introduce

quartz slab making machine is the main equipment of the artificial quartz slab. The quartz slab is made into usable quartz slab by vacuum and high pressure, quartz slab making machine is the most important factor in the quality of synthetic quartz slab.

quartz slab making machine

quartz slab making machine is a special equipment for manufacturing artificial quartz stone plate, the device comprising a bearing frame, vibrating head, vacuum system, automatic pressure system, electric control system, drum automatic conveying system, the compressor of quartz slab making machinehas flexible operation, the finished plate thickness can be changed from 8mm to 30mm, while the change in product without changing the mold, when the thickness of easy to use;

quartz slab making machine according to the thickness of the plate, vibration time can be arbitrarily set, the general vibration time in 1 - 4 minutes, multiple vibration motor adopts synchronous vibration, vibration force is powerful, the plate density, artificial quartz slab has a high hardness and no porosity, is a highly efficient energy-saving molding equipment.

artificial quartz stone machine

artificial quartz stone machine

In the process of pressing press that quartz slab making machine in the head has always maintained a strong downward force, effectively reduce the resin content of quartz stone, reduce the manufacturing cost of the board, quartz slab making machine is mainly composed of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and automatic control part, ensure that the quartz quartz press the stone quickly formed in high vacuum and high frequency vibration environment.

artificial quartz slab making machine

artificial quartz slab making machine including the transmission device, a base, an upper frame, vacuum cover, vibration head and hydraulic device, the vacuum cover for frame structure, four corners with a guide hole with the sleeve, the vacuum cover is positioned above the base.

artificial quartz slab making machine vibration head is positioned in the vacuum chamber, the vacuum transmission device is arranged between the cover and the base, above the rack is located on the vacuum cover, which is characterized in that a plurality of guide pillar is arranged between the base and the upper bracket, upper guide pillar is fixed on the upper frame, the middle of the steering column through the guide hole at the lower end of the vacuum cover, the guide post is fixed on the base, an upper frame, a guide post, a base a frame type frame press, the upper frame is provided with a plurality of cylinder, the cylinder body is fixed on the machine frame, a cylinder piston rod end down and connected with the vibrating head, the hydraulic device and the vacuum cover.

artificial quartz stone making machine

artificial quartz stone making machine

Utand quartz slab making machine is the earliest Chinese patented professional artificial quartz slab production line equipment, manufacturing of high quality quartz plate, are widely used with all kinds of high-end hotel decoration, the Olympic village and other places of decoration, high efficiency and durable, welcome to our factory, visit our equipment and production effect, we will live for you do an experiment to prove that our equipment


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