Artificial quartz stone led to the development of Artificial quartz production line

2016-12-24 13:38:36  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1748)

Artificial quartz stone market

at present, artificial quartz stone products similar to 20 years ago stone market and artificial stone market conditions of 10 years ago, in the future market will increase at an annual rate of 500%, has a huge market space, meanwhile the artificial quartz production lines will gradually get certain development.

artificial quartz internationally has become a new kind of mesa material, more and more in Europe and the quartz products into consumer family, and the production of artificial quartz, gradually into the consumer's family is not lack of synthetic quartz production line of credit. Especially in milan international exhibition on the cabinet in 2006, the world famous brand ambry to launch new products, we can clearly feel this trend, most ambry brand quartz instead of natural stone as shown. In terms of market channels, the brand adopt self-built and wholesale channels. While the market scale of quartz in the scale of 300 million yuan, less than 1/75 of the whole international market share, compared with the international market, Chinese quartz trend has only just begun.

artificial quartz making machine

artificial quartz making machine

2010 China man-made stone market capacity is 50 billion RMB, quartz, accounting for less than 10% share of the man-made stone products, as more companies enter quartz market, further improving production technology and the market matures, quartz, the market gradually activated activated continuously and artificial quartz production line, a growing consumer demand. From the perspective of the data of ambry industry statistics, from 2005 to 2010, this five years, China will have 29 million sets of whole kitchen furniture market capacity, 5.8 million sets per year on average, in terms of average 10000 yuan per set, ambry mesa accounted for 40% of the cost calculation, ambry mesa alone each year with a $34.8 billion market space. And quartz, and will become the mainstream of ambry mesa products. Plus bathroom mesa, desktop, floor, walls and other areas of application, quartz, will be pregnant with a huge industry.

Artificial quartz stone led to the development of Artificial quartz production line.

Utand artificial quartz production line after 10 years of continuous improvement,has become the first selection of artificial stone factory, because our new type artificial quartz stone slab vacuum pressure processing production line of the following features:

  • 1):The production yield of artificial quartz stone slab above 99% and chemical indexes 100% standard;
  • 2):The production line is simple and efficient, artificial stone equipment comprehensive cost reduced by 35%;
  • 3):Automatic CNC of artificial quartz stone production line machine,greatly reduce workers' demand;

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