stone polishing machine italy

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stone polishing machine italy introduce

Stone polishing machine in Italy is the world's leading stone polishing machinery production country, but its very high price only few stone factories can choose, China's stone machinery price and quality is the best choice for more central stone factories.

stone polishing machine italy

Since Roman times, stone polishing abrasives have been made from a mixture of fine sand, salt and fiber as a means of polishing stone surfaces to achieve a bright effect. Although Italy is not a big country, but in the world's stone industry can be said to be pivotal, regardless of the level of processing, machinery, diamond tools, production equipment, and even stone polishing maintenance methods are trustworthy, won the reputation.

Italian products have always shown sufficient innovation in the international market. They can be solved one by one in dealing with the general problems of stone materials, such as loss of luster, etching, weathering, cracking, etc. The effect has been recognized by customers. As for the maintenance of stone materials, there is a high evaluation and achievement. Today we are going to introduce stone polishing machine italy.

Do you know how to polish the stone? Stone polishing, polishing grinding stone on the products to be processed, with the rapid operation of mechanical equipment and "dry polishing, wet polishing" to achieve polishing effect, the product surface will appear a strong reflection, which is commonly referred to as gloss. Stone polishing is a prelude to stone surface treatment or a necessary process for stone processing.

Its main principle is the use of inorganic acids, metal oxides and other materials synthesized by pressing grinding block with mechanical grinding disc pressure, high-speed grinding force, friction heat. The polishing process of grinding block before stone surface treatment is a process of physical and chemical combination of stone surface and chemicals. If the internal factors of the stone itself are not considered, the polishing process alone, the impact of the stone polishing several main factors are the type of polishing agent, polishing fluid (paste), polishing abrasive and polishing process parameters. Now let me learn how to polish the stones and how to polish them.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

The value of stone has attracted more and more attention since mankind understood how to make stone into building materials and decorations. However, over the years of use or improper care, so that its surface loss of natural color and luster, noble temperament not only disappeared, but also easy to hide dirt, people can not bear to see.

Marble, granite and other natural stone because of its unique natural texture, noble and elegant atmosphere has been playing a high-end ground building materials in the decoration role. At the same time, the more noble things tend to be more delicate, the reason is once again verified on natural stones. Marble, granite in daily use will appear scratches, pollution, gloss dim and other normal wear, and even water spots, macula, rust spots and other lesions. At this time, we need to refurbish them to show their magnificence. Then, what are the steps to renovate granite stone? Now let's have a look.

Marble polishing is a prelude to stone surface treatment or a necessary process for stone processing. The main principle is to use the pressed grinding block synthesized by inorganic acid, metal oxide and other materials to cooperate with the pressure, high-speed grinding force, friction and heat energy of the mechanical grinding disc, and the effect of water on the smooth marble surface for physical and chemical cooperation, thus forming a new bright crystal layer. The crystal layer has super bright and clear luminosity. The luminosity can reach 90-100 degrees. The crystal layer is a modified composite crystal layer on the surface of stone (1-2mm thick).

stone polishing machine italy specification

Crystalline surface treatment of stone is a kind of scientific cleaning technology for creating permanent beauty and protection of marble, granite and general stone. Stone crystal surface treatment is a kind of stone care technology widely used in Europe and America. Since the introduction of stone crystal surface treatment technology from western Europe to mainland China in the early 1990s, its exquisite and unique technological effect has been well received by many star hotels, banks, senior clubs, office buildings, large shopping plazas and apartments.

To the family in many ways. The technological principle of stone crystal surface treatment is to use crystal hard care agent and crystal surface treatment machine to produce thermal and chemical reactions on the stone surface friction, forming a hard crystal protective layer on the stone surface, so that the stone surface is not easy to be damaged and stained, and to achieve the effect of repairing and maintaining synchronously. If you have this requirement, may as well with me to understand the next stone surface treatment of the relevant knowledge about it!

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

Check whether the shape of the product conforms to the shape of the production process sheet, after qualified can enter the grinding and polishing process; before grinding and polishing, according to the material situation, the glue treatment, glue treatment after grinding and polishing.

Firstly, one-piece drawing and rough grinding, leaving 0.5 MM of fine grinding and water grinding allowance when rough grinding; Splicing: the lines to be polished are spliced according to the installation drawings, and according to the color of the surface of the line selection and allocation, in order to ensure good color, pattern effect. Line water mill 500 # according to the requirements of the installation drawings first uniform number, and then remove polishing, so as not to cause polished lines in the interface of concave and convex.

When there is a misalignment at the interface, the transition section should be polished to extend the distance, the longer the better, and in the polishing with a ruler to check the straightness; finish polishing lines after quality inspection qualified before shipment.

When grinding and polishing, every abrasive or grinding plate should be carefully inspected after polishing and polishing the smooth surface of the grinding and polishing, after the latter grinding should cover up the traces of the former abrasive.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine


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