marble stone polishing machine

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marble stone polishing machine

marble stone polishing machine is a multi-function machine tool that can quickly finish clearing, leveling, grinding and polishing stone floors, floors and floors.

marble stone polishing machine

marble stone polishing machine is a multi-function machine that can quickly finish clearing, leveling, grinding and polishing stone floors, floors and floors. Mechanical characteristics:

1、There are classic fixed high and low two speed (no frequency conversion, rough grinding, fine grinding disc torsion, grinding force stability).

2、The size of the two millstones can be flexibly replaced, and the weight is sufficient (the mill pressure is enough), which is suitable for different construction process flow of stone, floor and so on.

3, front, detachable and flexible operation of the handspike, suitable for foot and large area grinding and polishing.

4, suitable for all kinds of natural and artificial stone ground, epoxy floor, cement floor, leveling, polishing, slag cleaning and cleaning of epoxy terrazzo and epoxy emery floor.

5, grinding disc adapts flexible, ordinary, equipped with size two grinders (different construction requirements), grinding disc can fit all kinds of sticker type, card type round, horseshoe shaped grinding block, grinding disc, automatic assembly line overall mill (4 inch \8 inch 10 inch), bowl mouth diamond grinding wheel and other grinding disc grinding tool diversity.

6, the front electric lifting device, the dismantling of the disc is most humanized, and at the same time, it can meet the pressure requirements for adjusting (changing) different construction processes.

7, rear vertical acting machine horizontal grinding adjustment device to ensure horizontal grinding and grinding machine level loss.

8, high security: the starting and stopping of the equipment and the lifting of the front end lifting system adopt 24V low voltage power supply. Working motor overload, leakage protection device.

artificial marble making machine

artificial marble making machine

9,stable transmission: the front of the fuselage is equipped with a gear transmission gearbox, which can hang high and low two gears, make the motor power 100%, and greatly enhance the torque force of the rotating shaft at low speed. It is suitable for the needs of different ground and different grinding process during grinding process, thus improving grinding and polishing efficiency.

10, weight enough, the pressure of the millstone is large: the machine weighs 250kg, and the corresponding pressure of the mill is more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polished bricks, epoxy quartz sand terrazzo, epoxy floor, cement ground) and low hardness (dolomite, artificial marble) are suitable for the ground at the same time.

11, humanized design: front electric lifting device. The rear vertical acting force machine leveling device makes the grinding disc evenly grind at every point, and the disc (block) is horizontally consumed. Removable movable armrest, easy and easy to operate.

12, buffer damping device: the output rotating shaft and the grinding disc is equipped with a compression spring, the grinding disc grinding meets the larger shear or high or low, the machine will be greatly impacted. At this time, the spring will play a buffer damping effect, and keep the machine smooth grinding, thus reducing the labor strength of the operating mechanic.

13, active hand drawing hand design: in large area construction, the operation mechanic uses the hand pull hand to easily operate the machine. When the grinding is thrown to the angle position, the handle can be unloaded.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

marble stone polishing machine

marble stone polishing machine believe that everybody is not strange, in our decoration materials marble is one of the materials commonly used in the decoration. After the decoration, the maintenance of the mirror is the attention of many friends in the near period. Then the marble mirror maintenance? The difference between marble polishing and wax? Here is to understand together The introduction below can help you.

Before the use of the treatment agent, like before the milk, like before the milk, shake a few, the liquid stirred inside the uniform, in the process of operation, must be dustproof, sand prevention, prevent the influence of the crystal surface of the foreign objects into the workplace.

After the marble floor is cleaned, first should be done by spraying the crystal surface treatment agent evenly on the stone ground, using the crystal face processor, with the cotton pad, and smearing the crystal surface treatment agent over and over again on the ground, until the crystal surface treatment agent becomes dry, and when the light is reflected and the brightness can be stopped, the operation can be stopped.

Then, the Polish agent should be applied to the ground as well as the above step. The addition of light agent will enhance the brightness and make the floor more shiny and beautiful.

In the choice of processing machinery, it is necessary to choose a machine with sufficient weight, and if the machine is used, the weight of the machine can not reach the requirement and can not be refurbished on the marble floor. Moreover, the motor is not so good. During the process of dealing with the marble crystal, the motor is required to turn for a long time. If it is the other machine, the motor can not bear the rotation of the long term, and it is easy to be bad.

The day before the hardened, it is necessary to make a large cleaning treatment of the part of the surface that will be carried out, so that the marble floor can be thoroughly cleaned and dry, so that it does not affect the treatment effect of second days.

marble Slab polishing machine

marble Slab polishing machine

After choosing the machine with good crystal surface, we should have an understanding of the power of the machine and so on. In this way, the suitable machine can be selected. In addition, it is common to find skilled manual operation. In this way, the ratio of all kinds of water is more familiar to achieve a good crystal surface effect.


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