stone tumbling machine polishing machine

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stone tumbling machine polishing machine

stone tumbling machine polishing machine has different grades of gravel made of the roller, rough demonstration after polishing processing for ring, key button, hand chain and pendant and other jewels and semi jewels. A rough rock enters the drum and gradually changes to glossy and high smoothness.

stone tumbling machine polishing machine

Rock tumbling is a popular hobby in the 70s. Many families grind stones on clothes, make jewelry, and use it as an ornament or a clear glass jar. Belts, shoelaces, suede and polished stones are made into decorative necklaces, wristbands, headbands, belts and gorgeous Anklets.

stone tumbling machine polishing machine includes a roller belt with an electrically driven plastic shell. Gravel is fixed on the rim of the roller with rough stones to remove rough edges. Medium grade fine grit is further polished to achieve a higher level of polishing. Finally, the finest grade of sand is used to achieve the high standard of polishing.

During the whole process of polishing, from the rough stone to a highly polished glossy sample, the rolling light of 6 to 7 weeks is required on the basis of the rock type, its original shape, size, and hardness.

Small stones can be polished to a higher level than large ones, depending on their smaller size and polishing medium. Larger rocks usually require a long time of grinding because they occupy most of the average area of the roller and have a larger surface area.

There are many types of stone tumbling machine polishing machine or rock rollers, some of which can accommodate more than 5 pounds of rock. Large commercial stone polishing machine can be used to deal with a large number of houses, walls, courtyard beautification and other projects.

Do not remove stone powder from the stone polishing process to the sewer, and may clog the drain pipe. The noise emitted by a stone polishing machine occasionally tortures a person's nerves, but do not cover the stone polishing and try to reduce the noise, which may cause air flow to cause the equipment to overheat.

single head polishing machine

single head polishing machine

stone tumbling machine polishing machine

Automatic stone tumbling machine polishing machineis a very widely used equipment in hardware and electronic components. Its scope of application is very wide. It can replace artificial polishing and improve efficiency.

For example, the polishing speed of internal and external polishing cylinder for various stainless steel cylinder containers can reach 8 to 10 m per hour. In the operation of the automatic polishing machine, the polishing abrasive of the polishing machine is very important. It directly affects the polishing effect of the finished product. Therefore, it is necessary to select the suitable polishing abrasive according to the requirements of the polishing element.

The automatic stone tumbling machine polishing machine usually selects the better polished abrasive with more toughness, and grinding the material with lower tensile strength, and it is beneficial to choose the larger brittle silicon carbide abrasive.

In addition, to consider the material of the workpiece, the hardness of the workpiece material is an important consideration when choosing the polished abrasive. In general, the hardness of the polished abrasive is 2 to 4 times higher than the hardness of the workpiece. Otherwise, the lower hardness of the abrasive particles will quickly blunt and lose the cutting ability in the high speed cutting process and make the grinding wheel durable. It is too low to affect cutting efficiency, and the machining quality is not guaranteed.

Therefore, the higher the hardness of the workpiece material, the higher the hardness of the abrasive. And the selection of polished Abrasives should also take into account the chemical reaction produced by the grinding process system. It is proved that the wear of the grinding tool is faster than that of the corundum grinding tool when the SiC grinding tool is grinded.

Finally, the choice of polished abrasives is also affected by thermal stability, because during the process of processing, the polishing abrasive produces high temperature and causes its own deformation, so it is necessary to ensure good thermal stability.

quartz slab production line

quartz slab production line

Different stone tumbling machine polishing machine components are different to the requirements and requirements of polished abrasives. It is suggested that the majority of consumers have to buy the polished Abrasives when buying polished abrasives, and the performance of the abrasives should be detected to ensure the best polishing effect.


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