bridge polishing machine in china

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bridge polishing machine

bridge polishing machine is also called single head stone polishing machine, which is a mechanical equipment that effectively solves the uneven, uneven thickness and low luminosity of the slab in the stone polishing production line.

bridge polishing machine in china

Polishing is a kind of fine processing technique of stone material, some people call surface enhancement technology. There are many influence factors in stone polishing, technological conditions and parameters in both the polishing process, there are also the polishes and auxiliary materials and the kinds of pads (,), also related to stone mineral composition and its quality.

Bridge type automatic polishing machine (single head) bridge type single head automatic polishing machine This machine belongs to the sheet automatic polishing machine, suitable for marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, steps such as plate grinding and polishing processing. Adopting the method of changing the grinding disk, the whole operation of coarse grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine polishing is accomplished. Work bench along the guide rail, grinding head in the gantry beam, pneumatic pressure, effectively ensures the flatness of plate, plank smooth and shiny.

The principle of bridge polishing machine is mainly reflected in two aspects: the principle of particle grinding; The principle of physical chemistry.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

1, particulate grinding: when the bridge polishing abrasive particles from coarse to fine grinding, polishing, abrasive in stone material surface grinding marks from coarse to fine and no trace of the naked eye, it is smooth surface smooth, delicate, when the depth of 110 microns, processed surface appear bright luster lasting bright color.

2, physical and chemical principles: polishing process has two, namely "dry wet polishing and polishing, polishing millstone as stone products occurs between" do wet "physical chemistry, dry polishing is made evaporation in stone material surface temperature, which resulted in increased concentrations of polished stone, so as to strengthen effect, gloss began to reach the ideal requirements, gloss over 85 degrees or higher.

bridge Polishing Machine

stone polishing equipment

bridge polishing machine in china

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