granite stone polishing machine

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granite stone polishing machine

In the process of grinding and polishing, whether the desired results can be achieved depends mainly on the four factors such as the correct selection of lapping machine, grinding stone, abrasive agent and reasonable grinding process. Therefore, it is very important to choose good granite stone polishing machine, grinding stone, abrasive agent and formulate reasonable grinding process plan.

granite stone polishing machine

1. Plastic abrasive stone: generally used in non-ferrous or non-metal workpieces with soft hardness, such as gold, silver, copper, acrylic, plastic products, etc.

two, ceramic grinding stone: this kind of abrasive stone has strong grinding force and is suitable for grinding of black metal, such as burrs, deoxidation and chamfering.

three, porcelain grinding stone: Porcelain grinding stone almost no grinding force, for all metal or plastic workpiece polishing and mirror treatment.

four, special grinding media: carbon steel and stainless steel are generally used as materials without grinding force, mainly used for polishing metal parts.

The main functions of lapping agent: lubrication and balance, reducing the attrition of grinding stone; softening the oxide skin on the surface of the workpiece; removing oil and cleaning the workpiece; antirust and gloss keeping; improving the efficiency of grinding and polishing.

Material: determined according to the material of the work piece. Such as gold, silver, stainless steel, copper or other metals, to choose the right abrasive.

Fineness: according to the quality requirements of the workpiece, such as rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and so on. Different surfaces require different kinds of abrasives.

Granite platform is composed of granite. Granite is a porous igneous rock, mainly composed of quartz and feldspar. Granite has a diamond hard surface, so granite has strong scratch resistance. However, long time use will make the granite table easy to scratch and scratch. How should the granite be scraped and scratched?

Seal granite mesa. Granite mesa is porous material, improper care, they are easily scratched and scratched. The curing agent can form a protective layer on the table to protect the granite table. This protective layer also makes the granite surface very smooth and shiny. Granite mesa manufacturers will re seal the table before they sell the table. But as time goes on, the protective layer will wear away gradually. Therefore, it is necessary to seal the table regularly. You can also buy some curing products from manufacturers to maintain granite tables. We must consult with the manufacturers who sell granite mesa, because the manufacturers will have different curing agents.

Artificial stone making machine

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granite stone polishing machine

The first stone to make the house was the Greeks. Since then, the natural mining procedure has not changed much. It is also now mining large blocks of stones from the miners, and then buying them according to sheets or sheets, and finally polishing them according to their natural purposes. Granite is generally carried out according to this procedure. For many years this method has remained largely unchanged, but the type of machine has undergone dramatic changes. With the development of science, efficient and time-saving machines take the place of old machines. Granite is used mainly in three basic machines: sawing, polishing and planing machines.

Before cutting the stones into thin sheets with a straight saw, they are now cut by diamond wire saws. The machine has a wire fixed with diamond. Diamond itself is the hardest stone, so it can be quickly cut. Then the required size is cut out with a bridge saw. The polishing machine can make the granite surface smooth, like a mirror. A polishing machine with a rotating mouth is attached to the abrasive material, and the surface of the material is also different according to the different effects. Excellent abrasive materials can improve the smoothness of the polishing. The web planer is designed for the design of the surface. Different blades make different designs. There is a revolving knife in the planer. The diamond is fixed on the revolving knife, and the required design can be made.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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