engineered stone machine manufacturers

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engineered stone machine manufacturers

In the situation of increasingly fierce competition and increasing production and processing demand, how can the engineered stone machine manufacturers break through the "intelligent manufacturing" train better?

engineered stone machine manufacturers

The concept of "making 2025 in China" was first proposed in December 2014, for nearly three years, it was not yet the first ten years of the Chinese government to implement the "manufacturing power" strategy in the first ten years. However, with the introduction of "Chinese manufacturing 2025", the four characters of "intelligent manufacturing" have increasingly become the major trend and core content of the future manufacturing industry. China's manufacturing industry has officially stepped on the road of transformation and upgrading with intelligent manufacturing as an important development direction. Many industries began to explore unremittingly in this field by taking advantage of it as a draught.

As an important part of the manufacturing industry, Chinese engineered stone machine manufacturers is also heading forward to the "intelligent manufacturing" train.

After many years of development, "made in China" has long enjoyed world-renowned reputation, and the output of over 220 kinds of industrial products ranks first in the world. However, the outstanding achievements of "made in China" can not conceal the hidden danger of product quality behind the prosperity, which is unavoidable in the stone machinery industry. "Big and not strong", many people in the industry talk about the disease of China's stone machinery industry, the four words "like a shadow", which almost become the label of the stone machinery industry. Over reliance on the growth of physical output has long relied on the introduction of technology, the accumulation of experience in independent innovation and the lagging behind in personnel training. The weakness accumulated over a long period of inertia is gradually enlarged with the gradual transformation and upgrading of the stone industry structure.

The complex market demand provides a survival hotbed for engineered stone machine manufacturers products with low quality and low price. Stone machinery equipment is used for stone enterprises, in the past a long time, most of the stone processing is not standard, in order to receive the soft market environment, buy several cheap machines began to dry up, a few machines do not idle a day, continuous production of products. When the list is too late to process, it will be an energetic scene to continue buying equipment.

This "hasty" consumption behavior has given some reasons to the stone machinery enterprises to indulge. In this way, it became a situation.

The international engineered stone machine manufacturers brand has speeded up the layout of the Chinese market. On the one hand, it poses a greater challenge to the domestic stone machinery enterprises. On the other hand, it has also conveyed such information: the requirements for high quality machinery products in China's stone enterprises are improving.

In the process of deepening the understanding of stone processing equipment and the market environment of stone machinery, the change of the whole stone machinery industry is particularly strong - stone enterprises are saying goodbye to the barbaric growth, and the long-term enterprises are not simply based on the price as the basis for the purchase of engineered stone machine manufacturers, but from the cost performance of the machines. . In the pursuit of high quality products, enterprises have their own consideration on whether the equipment can save labor cost, energy consumption, improve efficiency, and apply the processing of their products.

High degree of automation, convenient operation, monitoring and maintenance. At the same time, the automatic intelligent batching system can effectively reduce the mismatch probability and ensure the quality of plate proportioning. The mixer designed according to the requirements of the industry adopts the mixing mode of rotation and revolution to improve the mixing uniformity. The increased homogenization belt conveyer ensures the uniform density of the material in the width direction, the barrel type cloth machine and the belt cloth machine, so as to ensure the uniformity of the material and effectively improve the quality of the sheet. The new type of high efficiency press overcomes many industry problems and ensures the forming of the blank stably and quickly.

engineered quartz stone machinery

engineered quartz stone machinery

It has attracted the attention of stone machinery circles and stone enterprises. The biggest highlight of this device is the use of the new "VTT" design language, which can increase the efficiency of stone polishing by 20%. The so-called "VTT" design language, the application of biological bionics, abstracts the form, structure and control principle of a certain creature, and designs and produces stone machinery with more centralized, more efficient and biological characteristics. Cai Jianhua, engineered stone machine manufacturers of gigantic machinery, told us that in recent years, if we want to use a similar machine to grind a large plate to more than 90 degrees, it is not difficult. It is difficult to make the 4 corners and angles of a sheet as bright as that in the middle. This is a special test of the stability of the equipment and the accuracy of the setting time. Most of the feedback they received was the luminosity of the corner. In addition to the consistency of plate brightness, customers want to improve the polishing rate, resulting in greater efficiency in unit time. To improve the speed, we need to optimize the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic circuits, so as to make them more closely matched and move faster. The SPG series granite automatic mill has the function of auto avoidance and shape memory, and is equipped with conveyor belt protection device to improve the automation of the whole machine, so that the time of the control board can be passed in and out of time accurately.

engineered stone machine manufacturers development

The intellectual creation of stone machinery is developing towards the direction of art, high quality and diversification. The demand for the shape, type, precision and product size of stone products is getting higher and higher, and the demand for stone machinery is more and more high. In the face of the international market or the domestic market, it is an urgent problem for all engineered stone machine manufacturers in China to improve the intellectual and core competitiveness of stone machinery products, and also an important task for the development of stone machinery.

When stone production and processing enterprises begin to slow down and improve, it is also a good time for stone machinery industry to find a breakthrough. With the increasing requirements for the automation, intelligence and environmental protection of stone machinery equipment, stone machinery manufacturers have tried to work hard to reduce labor intensity, improve automation level and reduce the pollution of production environment. Gao Shan sister told us that at present, the latest product of GMM's five axis CNC intelligent bridge cutting machine is its deep research and development in the field of fine processing. Multi dimensional multi-functional machining instead of multiple single function bridge cutting equipment, not only saves labor and engineered stone machine manufacturers, but also makes the management of the factory more convenient and effective.

The uneven quality of engineered stone machine manufacturers has always been one of the industry denounces that plagued the orderly development of the industry, so many problems such as low efficiency of stone production and processing have been produced. If we want to leap forward under the wave of mechanical and intelligent manufacturing, we must start with "quality manufacturing" and provide a powerful tool for stone production and processing enterprises.

"The gap between the industrial base makes China lag behind Europe and the United States, but the efforts of the domestic stone machinery industry are not fruitless, and we have learned to stand on the shoulders of giants." Take the domestic quartz stone pressing line as an example. In the past few years, the quartz stone pressing line in China faced the problem of low level of technology and low automation. With the variety of raw material, the quality of supplier supply and the difference of producing area resulted in the unstable quality of the same formula, and the use of artificial feeding, off-line proportioning and no dust collecting device resulted in the serious dust and organic pollution, the labor intensity of overweight and the hidden danger of production safety.

Due to the low productivity and low level of automation, the production and operation situation of artificial quartz stone plate manufacturers is worrying. Liao Chang told us that after a clear analysis and recognition of the rapid growth trend of the industry, huisu has actively understood and analyzed the above problems, fused the advanced equipment technology concepts from the client's technological needs and production difficulties, developed and manufactured the national conditions of China, and could overcome the country to the greatest extent. The production difficulties of the engineered stone machine manufacturers of man-made quartz stone plates meet the production line of customers' technological requirements. Through continuous practice, Hui Valley has gained more than 40 patents and other intellectual property rights.

Engineered Stone making machine

Engineered Stone making machine


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