buy stone polishing machine

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buy stone polishing machine

The polished grindstone is placed on the processed products. The polishing effect is achieved by quick operation of mechanical equipment and "dry polishing and wet polishing". The surface of the product will have very strong reflection light, which is usually described as gloss. Today, let's talk about how to buy stone polishing machine.

buy stone polishing machine

stone polishing machine is a kind of quartz stone equipment, we are not very common, so it is not very familiar, so the stone polishing machine is a molding machine used for industrial products through pressure forming, usually using hydraulic cylinder, so it is also called oil press, which is suitable for pressing high density quartz stone plate, by pressing head. The pressure oil cylinder will press the head to the raw material, the oscillators on the pressure head drive the pressure head to vibrate together high frequency, and the pressure oil cylinder exerts pressure regularly to get the compact slab.

It can be ensured that in the process of pressing the quartzite, the pressure head always maintains a strong downward strike force, effectively reduces the resin content of the quartz slab and reduces the manufacturing cost of the plate. It is mainly composed of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and full automatic control parts. In the environment of vacuum and high frequency vibration, the press can be operated flexibly, the thickness of the finished plate can be changed from 8mm to 30mm. At the same time, there is no need to replace the mold when the thickness of the product is changed. It is convenient to use and greatly reduces the cost of the work of the people and the enterprise.

Product design concept: professional multi-function floor grinding machine, to meet the needs of professional users for large area industrial floor grinding efficiency improvement, cost-effective.

1, new design, beautiful and generous.

2, folding handle, integrated central control panel design, convenient operation, safe and reliable, ergonomics, convenient handle movement.

3, high power (20HP) variable frequency motor can meet the requirement of long time and frequent use of industrial floor grinding.

4, automatic pressure regulation control system to meet different construction technology needs.

5 can be equipped with vacuum equipment to achieve two working modes of dry and wet.

6, rotary torsional water release switch, grinding disc central water system, effectively solve the attrition of grinding consumables two times and the work produced by the grinding line, greatly improve the work efficiency.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

7, multifunctional grinding disc can install all kinds of abrasive consumables, reduce your construction cost as far as possible.

applicable scope: marble, granite, concrete floor grinding and renovation.

The contour shape and the texture direction of the surface roughness also have a significant effect on the wear resistance of the parts. Although the surface roughness is the same, because of the difference of the surface profile, the actual contact area and the retention of the lubricating oil vary greatly, and the wear resistance of the parts is far away.

The stone polishing machine has a large number of honeycomb micro pits on the working surface of cylinder or cylinder sleeve, which can not be squeezed out of the lubricating oil between the piston ring and the piston ring. The lubricating oil film between the cylinder and the piston ring is improved by the relative motion surface, and the lubrication between the cylinder sleeve and the hand piston ring is improved. The bench test and car use show that the service life of the cylinder is increased by 80% to 200%, the oil consumption is reduced by 30%-60% environmental pollution (such as that the emission of HC is less lO%-20% than the use of other cylinders) and the running in period shortens, thus avoiding the phenomenon of the cylinder and improving the life of the engine.

The surface microhardness of the stone polishing machine is increased by cold plastic deformation, thus the possibility of further plastic deformation and surface layer metal bite is reduced, and the wear resistance is improved. For example, the hardness of the 40 steel after cold drawing can be increased by 15%-45%. The wear test shows that the wear volume of the steel can be reduced by 20u/o - 30%. But when the finishing machine is hardened to a certain degree, such as further hardening, it will cause excessive "loose" of metal tissue, aggravate wear, even crack and exfoliate, but decrease the wear resistance. When the surface microhardness of T7A carbon tool steel is increased to 3380HB, the wear resistance of the steel can reach the best value. If the microhardness is further improved, the wear resistance will decrease.

cost of stone polishing machine

cost of stone polishing machine

buy stone polishing machine

If the cooling is not normal, it will cause the increase of surface layer temperature, produce surface burn, cause the change of metallographic structure of surface layer metal, thus change the original hardness and affect its wear resistance. For steel parts, the hardened surface by heat treatment can improve its wear resistance, but in the process of grinding, it is necessary to prevent surface burns, reduce the hardness and affect its wear resistance.

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The original surface state of metal has a direct effect on electrochemical polishing. The more smooth and flat the original surface is, the easier it is to polish, the shorter polishing time and the smooth polished surface. On the contrary, the coarser the original surface is, the longer the polishing time is, and the poorer the brightness of the final polished surface will be. Therefore, the pre processing condition of the metal surface has a great influence on the quality of electrochemical polishing. If it is not leveled first, the metallographic structure of the metal material is very uniform, the purity is very high, and the polishing quality is hard to be guaranteed.

Such as grinding, finishing, grinding, stamping, or extruding to achieve the purpose of leveling rust removing, membrane and removing the deformation layer, for the purpose of pre processing, such as grinding, fine car, grinding, stamping or extrusion, before electrochemical polishing, such as grinding, polishing, grinding, stamping, or extrusion, etc. In favor of electrochemical polishing. If there is serious corrosion pit or slag and insoluble film on the metal surface, it is not suitable for electrochemical polishing.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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