vacuum vibration pressing machine

2017-06-16 15:10:31  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1785)

what is vacuum vibration pressing machine

vacuum vibration pressing machine is a kind of special equipment used for artificial quartz, artificial marble. the pressing machine for a variety of artificial stone vibration pressure after mixing raw materials, to take the air at the same time, the formation of vacuum pressure vibration simultaneously, finally according to the mold pressed into artificial quartz stone slab.

vacuum vibration pressing machine

vacuum vibration pressing machine take a vacuum in about 120 seconds, and then do a second pressurized vacuum, which is about 25 seconds. It then vibrates and pressurized for about 200 seconds. Of course, the time of vacuum and pressure is different depending on the size and thickness of the plate.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

utand vacuum vibration pressing machine uses the Japanese mitsubishi PLC automatic control program, all sorts of plank in the manufacturing process of casting, finalize the design, mold release, cut through the production line automatically, the board that its good quality and working environment, the high speed production efficiency is the modern building materials production industry equipment for each manufacturer.

utand vacuum vibration pressing machine

Utand vacuum vibration pressing machine is the core patent equipment of Artificial quartz stone production line, which guarantees the quality and cost savings of the artificial quartz slates, and our vacuum vibration pressing machine have the following characteristics:

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

  • The vibration mode is changed from the traditional "lower vibration" to "vibration" mode, and the vibration force is greatly improved.
  • Power consumption was reduced by hundreds of kilowatts of conventional models to dozens of kilowatts, reducing the cost of production.
  • Improve the overall structure of the equipment, the vibration system completely dissected from the main body structure; Improve the automation of the control system, make the production operation simple and intuitive;
  • To reduce noise pollution by more than doubling the noise emitted during the process of production. The sealing structure was updated, the use of the seal rubber plate was eliminated, and the wear and tear of the rubber seal was almost zero.
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