cost of stone polishing machine

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cost of stone polishing machine calculate

The latest stone polishing machine is suitable for different materials such as ceramics, marble, granite and so on. It has many advantages, such as high production efficiency, fast speed, good quality, low processing cost and so on. Today, the composition of cost of stone polishing machine is explained by UTAND stone machinery.

cost of stone polishing machine

Stone polishing machine is the trump machine stone line polishing machine for ceramic deep processing equipment. It can work staircase step. Ground line,.L.45 degree of ladder brick, circular arc edge, anti slip groove and so on. Edge. Chamfering. Circular arc. Polishing. Slotting.45 degree chamfering polishing. Back chamfer.

stone polishing machine is suitable for different materials such as marble, granite, artificial stone and ceramics. It can be completed at once by setting the program's microcomputer control. Automatic production of all kinds of decorative stone lines, compared with traditional manual or semi mechanical processing, has the advantages of high production efficiency, good quality of products and low processing cost.

stone polishing machine has fine structure, stable action, fixed grinding method, grinding wheel, combined circular saw blade and shaping wheel.

The combined circular saw blade has high processing effect and low cost. It can make full use of the high cutting efficiency of the diamond circular saw blade and the fast processing of the stone lines. It can achieve the purpose of improving the production efficiency, and can give full play to the circular saw blade with different diameter of the outer circle. It can be combined at will according to the shape curve of the stone lines needed to be processed.

cost of stone polishing machine is reduced. The two front parts of this equipment are composed of combined circular saw blades, and the two groups of two sets of milling wheels (one coarse and one thin) can be combined into different curves.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

The breakage rate is low, the circular saw blade is thin, the contact surface is small, and the pressure exerted on the stone is small. Because most of the grinding of the molding is cut by the combined circular saw blade, the grinding wheel of the molding milling wheel is relatively reduced.

cost of stone polishing machine is low, the small batch production has no limitation. The circular saw blade with different shape diameter corresponds to the curve of the concave and convex curve of the stone lines needed to be processed.

The advanced line cutting is made, then the final forming process is completed with two electroplating wheels with one coarse and one thin. The molding method is the best. The circular saw blade can be used repeatedly to save the manufacturing cost. In the polishing part, the machine uses the man-machine interface system and numerical control system to realize the precise control of each grinding wheel. Each group of grinding wheels can adjust the pressure of the stone surface independently according to the thickness of the grinding wheel, and automatically compensate the wear and tear of the grinding wheel.Function:Machinable stone doorframe, French side, duck edge, Rome border, art lines and other lines.A single set of equipment

cnc stone polishing machine suppliers

cnc stone polishing machine suppliers

cost of stone polishing machine

stone polishing machine is the last process of stone care crystal surface treatment or the last procedure of stone light plate processing. It is one of the most important technological processes of stone care nowadays. It is different from the traditional marble cleaning and polishing of cleaning company's business scope.

Marble international collectively called the cloud stone, with its natural and simple texture, bright color, widely used in building interior wall surface, because the marble is relatively loose, soft water absorption ratio is relatively high. There are a lot of joint lines, so in the process of processing, transportation, installation and use, various kinds of pollution and warping are easy to occur, the phenomenon of light loss and other phenomena occur, which affect the decorative effect. So the nursing of marble is a compulsory course in the nursing industry.

stone polishing machine is a prelude to stone surface treatment or a necessary process for stone processing. The main principle is to make use of the pressure, high speed grinding force and friction heat of the mechanical grinding disc, which is composed of the inorganic acid, metal oxide and other substances. The effect of water on the smooth surface of marble is physical and chemical combination, thus forming a new bright crystalline layer. The crystal layer has super bright and clear luminosity, and its luminosity can reach 90-100 degrees. The crystal layer is a modified composite crystal layer on the surface of stone (1-2mm thick).

Marble cleaning is the prelude to marble wax polishing. Marble cleaning and polishing is a popular marble cleaning maintenance protection measure in the early 80--90 years. It has lost the market and the significance of its existence. Its essence is a thin coating of a polymer of acrylic resin and emulsion on the surface of the newly built stone (Pao Guangban), which we often call wax or floor wax. Then through high-speed, low pressure polishing machine with fiber mats on the surface of stone friction, make resin coating more bright process. Due to the renewal of the products, special wax and no wax were later produced. The coating is similar to the varnish on the wood floor.

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The grinding and polishing process before marble treatment is the physical and chemical process of stone surface and chemical substances. The surface of stone is completely integrated with the bottom layer, and there is no detachment layer.

The wax layer on the top of the marble is a layer of resin film attached to the surface of the stone, and there is no chemical reaction with the stone itself. The wax layer can be gently shoveled by a blade, and the wax film can be cut off from the stone surface.


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