solid surface manufacturing plant

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solid surface manufacturing plant introduce

solid surface manufacturing plant number increasing rapidly.Since the late 1990s, a large number of solid surface manufacturing plant have been involved in this industry because of the good development prospects of solid surface material.

solid surface manufacturing plant

solid surface manufacturing plant introduce mature technology and key equipment, rationally select raw materials, improve the processing technology of solid surface materials, and improve the quality of products.

solid surface manufacturing plant need to abide by the national standards for solid surface material. All solid surface material of poor quality are not allowed to produce, let alone to be listed, in order to ensure the interests of consumers and most legitimate solid surface manufacturing plant.

For many consumers, the intrinsic quality of solid surface material can not be distinguished. The media also lack the introduction of solid surface material.

Only the introduction of the sales staff of the solid surface manufacturing plant is needed. In order to sell low-quality products, some solid surface manufacturing plant often resort to all means, even to show consumers good quality samples of solid surface material, and ultimately give customers inferior products of solid surface material.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

When users find quality problems in use, solid surface manufacturing plant try their best to shirk their responsibilities, while some of them have changed their faces or traces are hard to find. At the same time, due to the limited economic strength of the buyers themselves and the pursuit of fashion, some solid surface material with low quality and low price also have a market.

solid surface manufacturing plant development

China's solid surface material from scratch, now there are hundreds of different sizes of solid surface manufacturing plant, but also a number of solid surface materials sold abroad. It is conservatively estimated that the annual sales of solid surface material in China are over 1 billion yuan, with tens of thousands of employees, which can be described as rapid development.

With the continuous development of China's economy, the consumption concept has also changed. Some people who pay attention to the taste of life have adopted high-priced solid fabrics as kitchen and toilet countertops. The market has gradually expanded, and many consumers have accepted the product of solid fabrics.

At present, domestic professional research institutes have made great efforts to study the vacuum forming equipment based on the production experience at home and abroad. They use ordinary stirring, no defoamer and vacuum equipment in sheet metal forming. From granulation, proportioning, mixing, shaping, solidification, sanding, cutting and other implementation of production line assembly.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

This kind of solid surface material production line has the advantages of low cost, high production efficiency and small space occupation. The cost of small-scale production line is about 300,000 yuan, and that of large-scale production line is only 500,000 yuan. More and more solid surface manufacturing plant are introducing this kind of production line.


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