stone surface polishing machine

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stone surface polishing machine for sale

stone surface polishing machine is used for polishing stones. stone surface polishing is an important process to maintain stone. Some stones can be polished directly. Polishing is mainly to increase the brightness of stone surface.

stone surface polishing machine

stone surface polishing machine is a kind of equipment which can achieve the polishing effect with the quick running of mechanical equipment and "dry polishing, wet polishing".

stone surface polishing machine technology is relatively high, and it needs rich polishing experience. In this way, the quality of polished stone is the best, and the service life will be longer. Today, we will introduce the steps of stone polisher:

Before using the stone surface polishing machine, first of all, we need to look at the appearance of the product to see if its shape is consistent with the description on the processing list. Only in the same case can we carry out subsequent polishing. And if necessary, the product should be treated with glue.

After the preparatory work is done, the rough grinding of the single product can be started. At this time, 0.5mm should be reserved for the following fine grinding process. Then, according to the instructions given on the installation drawing, the grinding lines will be spliced together and the color will be adjusted so that the overall color and pattern can be maintained with excellent results.

If it is found that there are dislocations at the interface, how long the distance can be maintained during the grinding of the transition section, and how long the distance can be maintained, and the straightness can be measured with a ruler while grinding. After completion, if the quality of the line is checked correctly, it will be ready for shipment.

artificial quartz stone making machine

artificial quartz stone making machine

stone surface polishing machine character

stone surface polishing machine is suitable for stone polishing, the choice of polishing materials must be good quality. After grinding and polishing with abrasives or abrasives, it is necessary to inspect the light side very carefully and make sure that after grinding and polishing, the front marks are covered up.

When stone surface polishing machine work, special attention should also be paid to the control of water quantity. If the water used is insufficient, it is very likely to cause a smooth burning surface.

In order to prevent the corrugation during polishing, it is necessary to extend the distance along the lines.

Do not pause during the polishing process, and should be done at the best speed.

When grinding and polishing process is carried out, the stone surface polishing machine with high speed should be selected as far as possible, and it should be completed at the fastest speed. It can be seen that the technology needed for grinding and polishing of stone is very high.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant


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