quartz stone pressing line machinery

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quartz stone pressing line machinery in china

Although quartz stone started late in China, it has developed rapidly and is widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops and many engineering ground, ranking in the forefront of the world in terms of market scale and application popularity. In recent years, with the further maturity of the market, the domestic demand for quartz stones is increasing, many landmark buildings, villas, luxury hotels, etc., quartz stones can be seen everywhere, and has great attraction capacity. In the manufacturing process of synthetic quartz stone, the press plays a very important role, today we will introduce quartz stone pressing line machinery.

quartz stone pressing line machinery

At this stage, although the quartz industry structure is still focusing on export trade, more and more domestic quartz stone enterprises have quietly changed the single mode of production and processing solely by receiving export orders, invested heavily in the development of "large-scale, specialized, automated production" pattern, and set up brand at the same time. Layout domestic agents channels, or even aim directly at the terminal market.

Nowadays, most of the world's famous cabinets are displaying quartz stone instead of natural stone and traditional artificial stone. This means that the application of quartz stone is widened, and also indicates its broad prospects. At the same time, he said, in the production process, die production will become the future of the main quartz production method, this one-time molding process, material utilization rate as high as 99%, conducive to the control of production costs.

With the increasing number of domestic quartz stone enterprises and the gradual entry of international quartz stone giants, the domestic quartz stone industry competition is more intense, but for our enterprises, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the face of homogeneous competition, enterprises need to assess the situation, act according to the situation, turn pressure into power, and seize the market with differentiation, specialization and brand is a long-term development mechanism.

The unique advantages of quartz stone make its application diversified, the demand of domestic consumer market is increasing rapidly, and the export volume of foreign trade is also increasing day by day. The overall situation needs to be accelerated.

The more mature international markets are Australia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, of which Australia accounts for about one third of the world's annual quartz stone consumption, followed by the United States and Canada, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other regions of the quartz stone market growth is significant. The scope of application of quartz stone abroad is changing constantly. Quartz stone is becoming a new substitute in the cabinet industry. The proportion of floor stone decoration is also increasing dramatically. The market potential of quartz stone makes domestic enterprises devoted to quartz stone production and export see the dawn. It is like a delicate and delicious cake, no matter hungry. Or the jade food, I can not help but salivate, eager to try.

Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale

Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale

quartz stone pressing line machinery price

In the past 20 years, the production equipment and technology of artificial stone in China have been almost monopolized by Italy. The backward production equipment and weak technical force are the main reasons leading to unsalable products, and also the fundamental reasons restricting the development of the industry. In order to survive and develop, many enterprises pay a lot of money to import production equipment from abroad, which not only increases the cost of processing, but also restricts the upgrading of production lines. Therefore, in order to develop, in addition to advanced equipment and production technology to support, but also need to increase research and development efforts, master independent innovation technology, quality and brand concurrent, in order to become stronger and bigger.

The development of any industry should not violate the principle of inclusiveness. Compared with foreign quartz stone, there are still obvious gaps in domestic quartz stone pressing line machinery. These gaps are manifested in the lack of independent innovation ability, the neglect of market cultivation, the insufficiency of technical personnel and the lack of high-tech investment. The implementation of the strategy of "going out and paying equal attention to importing" is an important measure and a demand for development.

Technology is the primary productive force, the practice of real knowledge, and the guide to development. Enterprise learning is advanced, equipment and technology are on the one hand, mechanism and talent are equally important. Many foreign quartz stone enterprises especially focus on the cultivation of talent, so that they gradually find their sense of belonging, more attentive, more down-to-earth service in the enterprise, into the industry. Improving the personnel training mechanism is one of the urgent problems to be solved by domestic stone enterprises; strengthening their R&D capabilities, strengthening cooperation with universities, domestic and foreign research institutions, relying on scientific and technological forces to solve technical problems, is an effective means for quartz stone enterprises to seek development.

Quartz stone has developed into the most popular artificial stone variety because of its excellent characteristics. Italy is the research and development place of artificial quartz stone. Its management idea and market pattern are worthy of reference for domestic stone enterprises to carry out benign dislocation competition (each research and development, each promotion of its own product characteristics), and form a marked enterprise stone. Brand image and harmonious resource sharing environment can promote the healthy and stable development of the whole quartz industry.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line


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