engineered quartz slab production line

2017-06-07 14:51:48  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1881)

engineered quartz slab production line introduce

engineered quartz slab production line is according to the production process flow of engineered quartz slab, the production process of high quality engineering quartz stone is finally obtained through the processing and production of the engineering quartz materials through professional equipment.

engineered quartz slab production line

In the building materials market, on the stone has a lot of kinds, including engineered quartz slab is one of the prominent, this material is to use some material after vacuum negative pressure, reinforcing warms and made of a sheet, this kind of plate hard, symmetrical structure, is a kind of ideal material. Its use is very extensive, including ambry mesa is one of the main purposes, and is the ground, metope, film and television wall, etc., its color is rich, more consumer choice.

engineered quartz slab production line most important steps in vacuum vibration suppression, the forming of sheet metal in the vacuum die casting machine by the computer precision control the entire process, vacuum equipment installed in underground mining gap to close to the air in the vacuum, the formation of ore, the most tightly packed between mineral powder and other additives, achieve the result that no hole, each plank homework time is about 15 minutes.

engineered quartz slab production line the vacuum die-casting of each large plate is used to ensure the density of the material and the lack of holes. The more the size of the plate, the more complex the protection of the technology.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

utand engineered quartz slab production line

utand engineered quartz slab production line has 10 years of experience in project construction, our press machine of engineered quartz, key equipment, and some of the equipment manufacturer's mistaken for extreme force, the better, the greater the pressure machine equipped with vibrating motor is not reasonable, lead to big horse car, make the equipment operation is not stable, maintenance of high failure rate.

Some manufacturers switch to several small vibrating machines to reduce the maintenance rate. Although equipment maintenance rate is low, however, the content of sheet production resin is high. Multicolor plate causes the colorization phenomenon. Because the vibration motor is too much, it is not synchronized, which causes the part of the excitation force to be consumed. So a good engineered quartz slab production line has the following characteristics.

  • device is stable and maintenance rate is low;
  • vacuum sealability;
  • formulas are low in resin;
  • engineered quartz slab production line is easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • utand engineered quartz slab production line The reasonable grading ratio of the formula is the key to the production of high quality quartzite. The proportion is not suitable, can cause plate deformation, stomata, craze and so on quality problem.

    There are a lot of the techniques of the engineered quartz slab and stone manufacturers to get the recipe from someone else, or the device manufacturer to provide the recipe. It is the machine that the same manufacturer produces, because processing, installation, current error, can cause press pressure not same.And the technical formula must be adjusted in place to produce the engineered quartz stone slab.


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